Smart Home Monitor delay

(Christopher) #1

Has anyone else experienced an issue that when returning home, the SmartThings system does not detect the sensor tag quickly enough and triggers an ‘Intruder Detected’ notification?

Is there a way that we can set a delay in the setup so that even after opening a door, the system will wait a minute or two to detect the sensor tags and disarm the system? Alternately, has anyone figured out a way to add a numeric keypad to the system in order to disarm the system upon arrival (similar to a traditional security system)?

Thanks kindly.

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(Scott G) #2

I think you still have the issue of SHM firing intruder alarms before you can disarm.


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I expanded my geofence and use Rboy’s Schlage door lock code which has SHM disarm on top of my routine which disarms on presence.

Since doing these 3 things I have had no issue for quite awhile now.

(Chrisb) #5

Check out Smart Alarm be @geko. It has a delay to let the system “disarm” before sounding the alarm. I’ve used that for a while now successfully. I tried out SHM when it first came out, but until it gets a delay, it’s of no use for me personally.

(ruben) #6

Is this still the best alternative?

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(El Zurdo) #8

I came up with a solution for this. It’s a kludge, but it works. Delay for Intrusion Alert in SHM - Success!.