Smart Home Monitor delay

Has anyone else experienced an issue that when returning home, the SmartThings system does not detect the sensor tag quickly enough and triggers an ‘Intruder Detected’ notification?

Is there a way that we can set a delay in the setup so that even after opening a door, the system will wait a minute or two to detect the sensor tags and disarm the system? Alternately, has anyone figured out a way to add a numeric keypad to the system in order to disarm the system upon arrival (similar to a traditional security system)?

Thanks kindly.


I think you still have the issue of SHM firing intruder alarms before you can disarm.

Every. Day.

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I expanded my geofence and use Rboy’s Schlage door lock code which has SHM disarm on top of my routine which disarms on presence.

Since doing these 3 things I have had no issue for quite awhile now.

Check out Smart Alarm be @geko. It has a delay to let the system “disarm” before sounding the alarm. I’ve used that for a while now successfully. I tried out SHM when it first came out, but until it gets a delay, it’s of no use for me personally.

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Is this still the best alternative?


I came up with a solution for this. It’s a kludge, but it works. Delay for Intrusion Alert in SHM - Success!.