XFinity Centralite 3400: how can I set up automations for it?

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It’s generally better to install the DTH before for most devices as it helps with proper identification and also device initialization which is done after pairing is completed (installing the DTH after misses this step and can cause issues with some ZigBee devices, keypads included)

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Ok thank you. I assume I need to be at home for the process of installing the DTH ? My phone has been paired with my hub and devices already of course but yeah, do I need to be at home in order to do above?

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No, it’s all remote expect the actual pairing of the keypad.

See the topic for pairing device handlers

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Ok so first I need to get lifetime access at 37.99
Then do I login to anything on my computer or do all steps from my cell ?
Then I go here **5. [Enhanced ZigBee Keypad Lock] ?
Sorry, not a programmer, etc. so just trying to follow the steps here to the t.
I have a radio thermostat, first alert smoke/co detector, water leak sensors and then multiple contacts that are all part of my system now and registering fine so far. Just an arbitrary piece of info. I have not installed any device handlers so far but looking to install the one needed for a centralite 3400 first. Thank you much

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Yes you can do it all from your cell, thought it’s a tad easier on a desktop to copy paste. It’s fairly straight forward as you follow the steps. (basically a copy, paste, save and publish).

You may also want to check out SmartApp no 1 which can open up many options for creating custom actions using your keypad.

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Ok bought the lifetime access. I’m looking at the code for enhanced zigbee keypad lock. I’m unsure where to start and where to stop my copying for copy paste… does it matter or ?
I’ll go ahead and just do this from my computer then, I guess it will translate into my app on cell phone then.

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Just follow the step by step instructions from Device Handler installation instructions page:

  1. Click on the Device Handler you want to install, it will open a new window with the code, select all (Ctrl+A) and copy the code (Ctrl+C)