3400-X Keypad Manager SmartApp

My apologies in that I’ve lost track of who the author of this device type/App combo is and searches turn up too many possibles.

I’ve installed the device type, gotten it connected, also the 3400-X Keypad Manager smartApp, but the actual way this is supposed to be used escapes me.

  • The app appears to allow for only one code.
  • There’s no control over sounds.
  • There’s nothing configurable about the ON, OFF, PARTIAL, PANIC or * button.
  • But most confusingly, there are apparently four different routines that can be triggered by the keypad, yet only one code that can be input.

Could you or someone explain the thought behind the app? I got it to run a routine ONCE, and since then, nothing. More on point, I plainly don’t understand how it’s supposed to be used.

@mitchp created a device handler and smartapp for the centralite keypad that was originally intended for Xfinity customers. But the new iris keypad (not the old one) is apparently pretty much the same thing and his DTH and smartapp work fine. The thread is here:

Yes the app only allows for one code. I have two instances of the smartapp installed for the keypads at my front and back doors, but I use the same pin for each (maybe each instance could handle a different PIN, I’m not sure).

Iris marketing indicates the keypad can function as a door chime, that’s apparently not possible with ST for now at least.

As far as I can tell, the smartapp maps a routine to the on, off and partial buttons on the keypad (the app calls arm/away, disarm and arm/stay respectively, which is consistent with smart home monitor’s terminology). Panic and * don’t do anything at this time.

My routines only arm (away/stay) and disarm SHM, but I don’t see why I couldn’t do whatever I want as long as it can be configured in the assigned routine (e.g. turn on a light too). Haven’t tried that though.

The function is pretty straightforward to me, just that we can’t do everything the device is apparently capable of since we’re not using the Iris hub.

Note that when I set it up, I was having problems with it responding, which I eventually figured out was related to the fact that I paired it to the hub and set it up closer to the hub, then moved it to where I intended to use it next to my doors. It didn’t seem to like that. You might want to try unpairing then repairing with your hub to see if that helps.

Also, @blebson altered a smartapp that was originally designed to be used with locks, to function with the centralite keypads. I think he may have gotten different PIN #s working in some way, but I haven’t had the need to try it. That same forum thread includes a discussion of his app as well.


So the programmed way to use it is:

Enter the code.
Press either
On for Arm
Off for Disarm
Partial for Arm/Stay


Yes pretty much. Just keep in mind the smartapp is only linking a button on the keypad to a routine that arms or disarms SHM. You still need to create each routine in the ST mobile app (and set it to arm/disarm SHM when run) independent of this smartapp. At least that’s what I did and It’s working very nicely for me.

So I have something wrong then.

I enter ####, get a beep for each number. press one of ON/OFF/PARTIAL and what seems to be an error code beep sounds.

No mode change happens.

OK, looking at the Activity Feed, it does seem like some mode changes are being called for.

I think my presence sensors are overriding the mode change.

I thought I had to set up routines for the arm modes like Mark said but after digging into the smart app code I found you don’t have to set up routines if you are just wanting to change SHM alarm states (disarmed/armed/stay) but you will have to set up routines if you are wanting to change the location modes (Home/Away/Night) or add other functions like turning on a light. The code actually calls 2 seperate functions when a code/state is entered. One function for changing the SHM state and one which exicutes the specified routine for the entered alarm state. I’ve been testing out adding a delay to the smart app for the partial and arm states which has been showing some promising results but it is still buggy right now.

That’s actually good to know, thanks. I don’t know anything about groovy or other programming languages, so I’m not able to make any sense of device or smartapp code.

Please post in this thread if you make any progress in enabling a delay: