X-Chime (Claims to be the first no-lag video doorbell)

I stumbled across this today. They are still funding on Indiegogo (but they are 423% funded). I usually don’t advocate ANY crowdfunded projects, but this one looks promising at least. If it really is as lag-free as they claim, I’d be willing to try it. Currently, my Ring takes about 1-2 seconds to notify me for motion and/or a doorbell push.


Just to point out, there is no ST integration for this device. :blush:

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Yeah, I saw that too, but hopefully that would change. If nothing else, I’ll take a lag-free video doorbell over the integration so long as said integration is on their roadmap.

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They all “look promising” because that’s all most crowd funding projects do… Promise and break promises.

You’re hoping for SmartThings integration on their roadmap? There isn’t even a road yet.


True on both points. Supposedly they start shipping in August. I’ll hold off on judgment until I 1) see them actually release it and 2) see a few reviews on it.

Some people say I’m way too optimistic. lol

First rule of crowdfunding: The earlier their published ETA, the more likely they are to fail.

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I’m an IT Engineer - I highly doubt its possible for this to be completely lag free. There are too many obstacles for that - that said, I hope they prove me wrong.

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In most cases I think I’d prefer to pay more for a product once it’s actually come to market and demonstrated to work well.

A discount that comes with the risk of accepting less than what’s promised–or even total failure to deliver–isn’t worth it in my opinion.

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