Doorbell with Camera - does anyone work properly?

Hi all

I know doorbells have been discussed a lot but I dont find any concluded answer.
Does any doorbell exist, that has a camera, AND does integrate “well” with ST?

My 2 whishes is:

  1. Get motion, to trigger stuff
  2. Get picture (picture or video), to store/send to email/display on SmartTiles dashboard

For example the Ring doorbell. I know it does not integrate fully with ST, but some people do some stuff through IFTTT I think, but I cannot find out what exactly can be done and what cannot.

Does anyone know of any “proper” doorbells that offer the capabilities I seek?

Short answer: no. At the present time there are no video doorbells that integrate directly with SmartThings.

If the doorbell device has an IFTTT channel, then you can use that very easily for indirect integration, which is what most people do.

Since it sounds like you may not have used IFTTT before, this is a free service which lets you connect two “channels” in an “If This, then that” formula. The following is a good IFTTT tutorial

So in this case, you could set up a formula (called “recipes” in IFTTT) so that if the skybell detected motion, then SmartThings could turn on a light in the study. Or if the SmartThings mode is “baby sleeping” then turn off the skybell indoor chime.

But you are limited to the available options in each channel. And that might not be all the features of the device itself.

For example, SmartThings does not have any way to display streaming video except as part of its own smart home monitor feature. So even though smartthings has an IFTTT channel and skybell has an IFTTT channel, there is no way to display sky bell video inside the smartthings mobile app.

And the skybell IFTTT channel lets you turn the indoor chime on or off but doesn’t give you an option to make it sound. So you couldn’t use IFTTT to have a SmartThings motion sensor sound the skybell chime. You can only use the options that the manufacturers have chosen to make available through the channel.

The Ring doorbell IFTTT channel doesn’t give you any control over the doorbell itself – – it just let you use the bell being pushed or the ring detect motion as the “if” in an IFTTT recipe.

So for each device, you just have to look at whether it does have an IFT TT channel, and if it does, exactly which options are available.

But as of this writing, video doorbell integrations are limited at best.

As far as what you can do with SmartTiles, @tgauchat would know.

I use Ring Recipes to “set” an ST virtual device. For example, I
In ST (via IDE) I create a “Simulated Motion Sensor” Device. Lets Call it "VM-Ring Motion"
In IFTTT I create a recipe starting with my Ring channel. The recipe is “When there is motion at my Ring, turn on my ST VM-Ring Motion device”. This device behave just like a regular motion sensor and you could set up an ST rule that says, when VM-Ring Motion is active turn on light

Ok… So you get this working. One problem… the IFTTT Ring channel has the option to respond to motion detection but not to when the motion stops. Hence, you st device will be activated by IFTTT but you need a means to de-activate it.
Send me a cheque for $25 and I’ll tell you how. Or…

Alternatively, you could try this:

    name: "Ring Doorbell and IFTTT",
    namespace: "ckdikland",
    author: "Cor Dikland",
    description: "Turns on a Switch upon Ring Ding/Motion IFTTT event",
    category: "Convenience",
    iconUrl: "",
    iconX2Url: ""
preferences {
	 section("Virtual Switch that is turned on by IFTTT"){
		input "vtSwitch",  "device.onOffButtonTile", title: "Choose a Virtual Switch(es)"
	 section("Switch to turn on then off"){
		input "switches", "capability.switch", title: "Choose Switch", multiple: true, required: true, refreshAfterSelection:true
    input "lightsOnModes", "mode", title:"Turn on when Mode(s) are:", required: false, multiple: true
section("Timer in Minutes"){
		input "timeOn", "number", title: "Minutes before turning off switch"

def installed() {

def updated() {


def initialize() {
	state.timerMs = (settings.timeOn?.toInteger() ?: 0) * 60000
	subscribe(vtSwitch, "switch.on", onHandler)
	subscribe(vtSwitch, "", offHandler)

def compareCurrentMode() {
def curMode = location.mode
def lightsOn=false
 if (curMode in lightsOnModes)  {
    log.debug "The current mode matches one of the modes selected in preferences"

def onHandler(evt) {
def currentTime = now()
if (compareCurrentMode()) {
runNotifyAt(currentTime + state.timerMs)

def offHandler(evt) {
	if (state.vtSwitchState ==1) {
		log.trace "Switch was manually shutoff via virtual Switch before timer expired"   

def runNotifyAt(timeMs) {
	def date = new Date(timeMs)
	runOnce(date, shutOffSwitch)
	log.trace "'shutOffSwitch' scheduled to run at ${date}"

def shutOffSwitch() {
	log.trace "Timer has expired. Switch has been shut off"
if (compareCurrentMode()) {
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I trigger a virtual switch and use CoRE to do some things and ultimately reset the switch.


I use Blink plus the Sage doorbell. Blinks are not that expensive, work everywhere in the house including at the doors triggered by the doorbell, and gives me more options than just a single doorbell option. YMMV.

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RBoy has a nice DH/Smartapp for the Blink as well. Sure be nice if we had something similar for Ring.

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Isn’t Skybell HD integration imminent?

You mean “in a few weeks”? TM {forum joke}. :wink:


I use Ring Doorbell and IFTT to trigger my porch lights to turn on. There is a delay (3 seconds) but not the end of the world.

Most likely all the doorbells will never let another app grab the video feed. It removes the ability for them to charge. Most of them don’t have a constant streaming, so in smarttiles it will have to activate the live feed and what not.

While not in STs I like the Ring. No regrets on it. To get around the smarttiles requirement I just installed the app on my tablet I keep by the couch. I hope they release their API so I can integrate it into a smartmirror, and if they do then it would work with ST.


Plans have been announced, but no release date yet.

Sorry for the silence, guys. SkyBell HD is released and should be available in the Marketplace!

Marketplace -> Things -> Safety and Security -> Cameras -> SkyBell

Please let support know if you have any problems! It’s important to write into support so we can track any issues and it helps me be better at my job!


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So SmartThings does support SkyBell HD and not Ring Pro?

Is Ring Pro better then SkyBell HD?

I can’t quote vs the Skybell as I only have the Ring Pro. I’m ok with the Ring,but it has a lot of time lag before it picks up motion. I’m only ever getting footage (motion not doorbell press) of people already at my door, and my ‘zone’ includes a 10 foot walkway they all take before they get there. So disappointed in that. Ring says it must be my wifi speed. But I also have 2 Kuna Lights with camera and voice, and their response is nearly instantaneos.

I’m still ok owning a Ring. But going forward I would totally buy the Kuna light instead as it has light, camera, motion detection, two way voice communication, and even pre-recorded messages you can play. Also downloadable video that is really easy to use. And no ongoing fees with their basic plan. I bought mine at Home Depot and it was way easier to install than the Ring Pro. Like Waaaaaayyyyy easier.

Reallly? Then most (if not all) of their customers must have wifi issues. Motion detection lag/failure is one of the biggest complaint from their customers

I have a ring pro door bell as well. Also a very fast network so minimal issues due to lag. What I will share is the Ring Pro doorbell has a pre set volume at the doorbell side which is not loud enough for every environment. People who ring my doorbell have to put their ear right next to the unit to hear me remotely on either iPad or iPhone. After Ring sent a replacement doorbell and all the other various troubleshooting (transformer voltage, wifi speedtest, reset unit etc.) they admit a fix is forthcoming to improve the volume at the door side. Can’t imagine why they fixed the volume as such and didn’t provide a control for the user. I suspect perhaps they have a feedback problem otherwise.
For clarity this is my experience with the Ring Pro and iOS. They make another model doorbell (older) and also have apps for windows and android that I can’t speak to.

What kind of integrations are you using with the Blink and Sage? I have a Blink on my front door, but it’s been pretty slow in terms of being able to see who is at the door in real time.

Funny this came up.
Just finished a piston (need cleanup for log to console things)
It send me an sms if there is no usage of my z-wave lock within two minutes before or after motion on my ring doorbell.
You might want to reuse some or all of it in WebCore.
This is cool because i now have disabled all alerts in ring, and only get the ones that matter.

Yeah, it’s a bit too slow. I don’t always catch the front of a person especially since mine is inside and as stated, only triggers on the doorbell.

If I were to work at this a little, I’d probably put an outside sensor pointed from a different direction, OR trigger a recording as they walked by another part of the house.

For the record, love my doorbell, love my Blinks, but the timing of cloud to cloud to camera’s is just not quick enough for this use case without some further adjustment.

Does anyone know if Go Controls 720p video door bell offering will be supported on smarthings?

GoControl 2GIG Smart Video Doorbell Camera Home Security