Ring Video Doorbell

Hi I own a Ring Video Doorbell and would love to get it integrated into my Smartthings set up

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I love the subtlety

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yes but no solutions so far…

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So nada? nobody knows if this device will be added to work with the hub? any workaround?

No… Currently waiting on an API so it can be integrated.

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Thank you very much! :wink:

These guys have already partnered with some other platforms, so it may be that Smartthings integration isn’t far off. I like the product but I won’t buy without ST integration.

Also, apparently on sale via Brookstone now, 25% off.

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Great find! The only issue I see is it’s the silver model, and I need the bronze model :frowning:

I see these are now being sold at BestBuy and on sale this week. I’d whip out and buy one now that’s is close buy but with no ST integration yet it’s pointless. This is the only video device I really care to add to SmartTiles, so sad.

It’s possible it’s something they might collaborate with ST on in the future, after all they did ‘integrate’ with the Wink Hub.

Edited to add, I’m certainly hoping so since I just got one and integration would be awesome!

Where are you seeing them on sale this week? According to Best Buy’s site, they are $199 and that’s the normal price. They have it featured on a Black Friday ad, but not reduced.

Sorry to all the foreigners! :wink: I keep forgetting there are other place in the world besides Canada :grinning:


U should buy no matter the integration, it is an excellent device


You can sort of integrate using IFTTT. I have my Ring linked to a momentary button in Smartthings. When motion is detected on the Ring I have it ‘push’ the momentary button and then have Rule Machine act on the button press. You can initiate actions when the doorbell is pressed as well. This may not be what you are looking for but it may do what you want.

Hello , how integrate ring by IF?

Enable the Ring and SmartThings channels. Create a Recipe within IFTTT to perform an action when there is motion or someone rings the doorbell.


:grinning::grin: thanks

How are you lot using the new IFTTT functions of Ring to integrate with SmartThings?

I’m trying to work out a way to do the following:

  1. SmartLighting app setup to turn on front door light at 10% (and maybe a colour)
  2. When Ring detects motion/doorbell set front door light to 100%
  3. Afterwards set front door light back to 10%

With the ‘motion’ I’m guessing through IFTTT it won’t report “no motion” so I’d have to use some sort of virtual momentary button in ST rather than a virtual switch.

I believe I have the motion tied to a momentary button and then have Rule Machine perform some actions when the button is pressed. You are correct it will not report ‘no motion’. You will most likely have to do this based on time and not triggers.

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