DoorBot v2.0 - now called ring video doorbell

For those looking for a video doorbell solution or a gate entry solution, take a look at DoorBot’s v2.0 product, now known as ring. It appears to be a more refined version of the original and hopefully that bodes well for it’s functionality. The original was marred by very poor audio/video performance and bad wifi reception. It also was supposed to integrate with Lockitron’s lock product, but never did. If you’re interested in giving the new device a try, use the below coupon code in the “how did you hear about us” field when checking out from the ring website. The code will allow you to purchase the device for only $99.

Discount code: v1hydw77BT


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So, besides the free advertising…er spam… Any integration into Smartthings?

How about you send me one and I’ll see if I like it… I won’t charge you for my time :smile:

Wow, never mind. Cloud based not free video recording, with unannounced pricing… Ouch…

No power stealing from the doorbell switch?

Oh, and it can’t operate under 15F? That is 1/5 of the year in MN under that temp…


This is far from SPAM, Patrick. I have zero affiliation with this company. I have (along with many other members of this community) been dying for a device that would work as a (good) video doorbell for some time, especially if there’s a possibility it will integrate with SmartThings. API access was yet another unfulfilled promise of the original DoorBot, but hopefully they can deliver this time around. At $99, I’m willing to be this community’s guinea pig - mine is already on order. I’m specifically in need of a way to remotely unlock my existing gate door strike (likely with a MIMOlite or Lockitron) after verifying the identity of a visitor. Also - this model has motion detection which could be a useful trigger for other ST events. Let me know if you have any alternative ideas for achieving this goal - I’ve been posting here looking for a solution for months. Thanks!

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Code doesn’t work here.

@scottinpollock I just checked and can confirm the code doesnt appear to be doing anything - I’ll let you know if I get it working again. I was, in fact, able to use the code earlier. Praying they get this device right this time around. Also, @pstuart - the device DOES permit using the power from an existing doorbell switch, as the previous version did. I have no intention of using their cloud video recording service, so personally dont care about the unannounced cloud video storage pricing.


@mbial My apologies for assuming this wasn’t just affiliate spam. Had all the hallmarks…

Still too bad it isn’t outdoor sub zero capable. Wait, they just updated the site, from 15f to -5f? Wow, sure you aren’t connected with them?

I don’t see anything that says the video stream is accessible outside their app? No mention of a web based access or API either?

Also, I don’t see any mention that these guys created Doorbot v1… was that just your conjecture or an actual fact?

Try to go to the old doorbot web page and it redirects you here.

I guess they wanted to clear the slate so to speak because their original product wasn’t highly reviewed.

I have skybell which had a bumpy start also. It doesn’t interface with anything else yet either.

The founders of Doorbot should be prosecuted for fraud. That product never came close to working as advertised. So my suggestion is read lots of reviews before you spend a dime on this product. But don’t take my word for it just read all the reviews of upset customers. So now they are ditching the Doorbot brand and starting over.

I’m very wary of a company that gets a product out touting lifetime warranty, and a year or so later, changes it’s name and releases a new product that seems to fulfill unfulfilled promises from the previous generation that now show no sign of support…

I’d recommend against going for this one!

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I’d pick it up if they roll out ST integration. Otherwise I’m going to have to build it myself and that gets old

You could actually use a Z-Wave Relay to integrate this (or any) doorbell with ST!

If we could get that code to work, I’m in; I’m toying with it at $199, but need a compelling reason to push purchase; I’d like to guinea pig it too, but $100 is easier than $200;

I like the motion feature that Ring brings to the table; If it works, I’d love to see it either supplement the Aeon I have, or make it go away, since I had to halfa$$ install it;

Thanks for the contribution!

Beware that the motion sensor is nearly guaranteed to constantly false alert when pointed at sunny areas, shadows and bushes as shown in their fake zones yard images. To avoid this you would likely have to mount it on the side of a closed porch area facing another wall and mounted out of the line of direct sunlight.

This thing ain’t worth more than the cost of a cheap Foscam IP camera and a z wave motion sensor IMHO.

@Kristopher and @maniac1181
Do you have any suggestions on ways to build or integrate a video doorbell (that would work over cellular to a phone) with ST? I specifically am looking to use this to view the visitor, then choose to trigger the doorstrike (or not). Any ideas would be great.

@Dlee - using a foscam and maybe a z-wave doorbell do you have any ideas on how to build this functionality with off-the-shelf parts?

As I’ve already pre-ordered the new version of the “ring”/doorbot for $99 I’ll let you all know how it goes when the devices ship. Thanks!

@mbial I actually use SkyBell as a Video Doorbell. works great but no open API for the moment is a bit disappointing. They’re pretty integrated with Lockitron (you can action lockitron or not when a call is placed), they figured on the Apple Home Kit keynote slide so I’m keeping home that some day they will open their API.

The other option, since doorbells work pretty simply (when you push the button, you close a circuit, which actuates the bell), it’s pretty easy to add a z-wave relay in the circuit that would generate actions on button pushes to interact with lights and such.

I was under the impression that the SkyBell didn’t support 3rd party devices such as the Lockitron yet. Can you describe and screenshot the process for unlocking the Lockitron from the SkyBell app? This could be a viable gate access combination for me (I have a Lockitron Access gate buzzer, not the traditional deadbolt Lockitron). Thanks!

Does anyone have an update on the coupon code? It’s still not working for me… thanks.

Their forums seem to be offline for me right now, but other users were told to email and explain that you’re a current doorbot owner and want the promo code for the new Ring device. I’m not sure if they’ll ask you to provide any information beyond that, but it’s worth a shot. Let us know!

Hi guys –

Yassi, Brand Manager at Ring here. The discount code we sent to current or past Doorbot customers is a unique code and good for only (1) one Ring Video Doorbell and is void after it’s been applied to an order. We do check to see if you were a past or are a current Doorbot customer in our system, so we are unable to send a discount code off of word-of-mouth.

Secondly, in reference to @Dlee’s question: Our engineers and developers have designed a sophisticated algorithm for mitigating false alarms. Our 3 (most motion detecting devices hold 1) PRI’s detect differences in heat, which means we can detect motion in direct sunlight. This means that in the case where you have direct sunlight and a human being steps in front of the Ring, the device can detect the differences between the scene and the background.

Secondly, we changed our name for multiple reasons, none of which has to do with unfulfilling promises.

We gained a lot of valuable feedback from our customer base about needed enhancements to improve the overall performance and user experience with the product. Additionally, we learned a lot about how our customers were using the product, as well as the key benefits they believed Doorbot offered. We quickly realized that we could build upon and enhance DoorBot.

Our name change happened for a few reasons: We wanted a name that communicated our larger company mission and allowed us to deliver the best product. Ring describes what we’re doing; we’re building a ring of security around your home and allowing consumers to conveniently stay connected and monitor it from anywhere. It also has a dual meaning that links it back nicely in a descriptive manner to our Video Doorbell product. We felt it was an excellent choice. We’re timing our rebranding with the introduction of our new Ring Video Doorbell because it’s the first product we’ve designed that aligns well with our new company mission.

Rebranding certainly allows for a fresh start, however we stand behind Doorbot and believe it is a great product. Consumer expectation made us quickly realize that Doorbot was not an inviting or friendly name and certainly not the name of a product homeowners wanted on their home, let alone on the entrance of your home. Moreover, the obtrusive camera and cold, “techie” design did not compliment a home’s entryway either. The word “bot” has the potential to scare consumers away, whereas “Ring” carries more positive connotations.

If you’re interested in learning more, or gaining a better understanding as to why we rebranded and released a new device, you can read our CEO Jamie Siminoff’s blog entry here:

I hope this answers whatever questions you guys had, as well as clarify the reasons why we rebranded.

Brand Manager at Ring

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Are you planning on opening up your API so that SmartThings can interface with your product. There are many SmartThings users looking for a doorbell device.

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