WTB: Original Motion sensor (USB)

Hi All,

Has anyone got any of the original motion sensors the ones that are USB powered? I am keen to get a few of them

Thank you

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Surely someone has some they just have sitting in a cupboard :slight_smile:

You mean this one?

I have one that I use but wouldn’t shed a tear to see it go since I am 95%+ Z-Wave anyway but unless you’re local to me in Texas, I’m not a fan of selling/buying anything on the Internet with other users having been ripped off in the past.

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I’m admittedly curious, are you mostly interested in the USB-power functionality? I don’t know if it helps in your search but the model number was STSS-IRM-001.

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yep thank you it’s usb powered and a repeater. works great

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awesome but hmm well i’m not local. but you’ll see i’ve been active on this forum for a long time. I have a solid ebay account so can share that id and message you from it also.

If it’s paid via paypal or amazon wish list what’s the risk?

So that’s a no cause I’m not in Texas?

I’m afraid not, blame the scammers, besides, the shipping would probably cost more than it’s worth.

shipping is 14 usd.

all good tho it’s your device. thanks for responding

anyone else have one that is willing to ship it to Aus and not meet in an ally way? I"ll pay $30 USD for one device (if you have more i’m sure we can agree to a bulk deal)