Selling a bunch of stuff (Multi sensors, KwikSet ZigBee boards, Konnected boards, v2 Hub, misc)

I have the following for sale. All are used except for the hub and some relays. All work although you might have to do a general exclusion on some as I can’t remember which I removed “properly” and which I didn’t. Shipping will kill the deal on individual items so buy lots and lots. :slight_smile: I rather ship in a USPS small fate rate box ($7.20) if possible as they include shipping and insurance.

  • 2 KwikSet ZigBee modules - $35 each + shipping or $65 for set + shipping
  • SmartThings v2 Hub - New, never registered or powered on - $30 + shipping
  • 3 SmartSense power outlets (2x 2017 model, 1x 2016 model) - $15 each + shipping (2x 2017 SOLD)
  • 2 SmartSense motion sensors (1x 2016 model and 1x 2015 model) - $10 each + shipping
  • 1 GE motion sensor (adjustable sensitivity - z-wave, usb power) - $15 + shipping (SOLD)
  • 2 EcoLink contact sensors (I do NOT have the magnet side…was using for the external inputs) - $12 each + shipping
  • 4 SmartSense multi-purpose sensors - $12 each + shipping (3 SOLD)
  • 6 SmartSense leak detectors (7 are shown, I’m keeping one as a spare) - $12 each + shipping (SOLD)
  • 2 Konnected DIY boards - reset and flashed to latest firmware (2.2.4) - $20 each + shipping (SOLD)
  • 7 Relay boards - work with Konnected board or any ESP8266/ESP32 - $3 each + shipping? (3x SOLD)

Already selling at what I think is a decent price but will give a quantity discount.

Do your motion sensors have a micro USB plug option?

Yes, the GE has a micro USB plug on it. The SmartSense ones do not.

I am interested in some items. I was looking at konnected the other day. Sorry for noob question but the DIY boards youre selling, would that be all i need if i have 8 zones? Or would i need other devices too? Sorry but im not sure exactly what is needed for diy kind.
Thanks bud.

I’d like the 2 SmartS3nse motion sensors

Each will do 6 zones so you would need both to cover up to 12. I’ll message you.


i am interested in the hub, 3 water sensors, and motion pm me

I Am interested in 2 water sensors.

Leak sensors are all pending payment, Konnected boards have been paid for, and both SmartSense motions are pending payment. I updated the first post.

I would be interested in a multipurpose sensor and the 2017 smart plugs.

Messaged …

Missed it…Needed some leak sensors… :frowning:

Shipping out a box yesterday and 3 others this morning. Everyone who has paid for their stuff should have it by the end of the week. Post updated.

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Just FYI, I’m using several of these which work well. (quick response, good range, nice mounting kit) They basically are a re-branded Everspring leak detector. Says only 1 in stock, but they seem to restock pretty often.

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is the motion sensors sold?

Updated first post. SmartSense Motion sensors are available again.

Would like 1 SmartSense Multi-purpose sensor if still available

Everything vseven sent worked well. Thanks for the quick sale!

Bought a second ZigBee module for my one ZigBee KwikSet lock because I couldn’t get it paired after migrating to a v3 hub. My Z-Wave ones did pair so I thought mine was bad. So bought a Z-Wave one which worked. After a few days I thought that can’t be right so tried testing them again. Apparently I cannot read because the instructions said to press the “B” button 9 times to reset the module and I was pressing the “A” button every time. :roll_eyes:

So long story short I have two perfectly working ZigBee modules for KwikSet locks. I reset both modules (correctly this time) and paired them both to my hub, verified they worked, then removed and reset them again.

I put them on eBay for $50 each but will sell here for $35 plus shiping or both for $65 plus shipping. Updated the first post.