WT00Z-1 accessory switch inconsistencies

Hi there,

Been banging my head against a wall for a few days now with an issue using a WT00Z-1 accessory switch. Searched around the forums and have tried everything I’ve found to be similar, yet haven’t been able to find anyone describing my problem exactly.

I’ve install the switch and it works flawlessly when physically toggled. Of note, when the switch changes states (off to on or vice versa), the LED on the switch flickers a bit (maybe 10 times in 100ms). I assume this means it’s operating like a dimmer. In this case, watching the smart things logs, I can see it parsed correctly as off and on.

If, however, I toggle the switch in smart things, the LED doesn’t flicker at all, it merely transitions from off to on or vice versa. When I toggle it on, I see it parsed as “on” in the logs, and the state change is reflected in the smartthings tile. When I toggle it “off”, however, the UI updates for that specific view but clicking into that device shows the tile with the incorrect state (“on” despite being turned “off”). Also, navigating away and back shows the wrong state. Lastly, the logs show parsed as “on”.

It’s a very odd situation. I’ve tried every switch handler I can find for it (all three generic z-wave switches). Incidentally, it seems to work when I select the generic dimmer handler, though this introduces a great deal of latency when I set up another switch to follow it in CoRE.

Along those lines, though less important at this point: I cannot figure out the right incantation with regards to getting an association group working. When I set up the switch’s #1 association group to be to both the hub (01) and another dimmer switch, I can get the switch to toggle the other dimmer, but interacting with the other dimmer doesn’t reflect back in the state of the switch. I’m pretty unfamiliar with the z-wave protocol in general so it may be ignorance on my part but I assumed that, when in an association group, changes to any would be reflected in all. Am I mistaken?

Thanks for any guidance!