Linking Linear WT00Z-1 Accessory Switch to WD500Z-1 Dimmer without using association?

I’ve installed a Linear WD500Z-1 dimmer switch to control my lights, and in another box I’ve installed a Linear WT00Z-1 accessory switch. Both are powered, and the dimmer works and is controllable via SmartThings. I’ve linked the accessory switch using The Big Switch SmartApp, and I’m able to control the dimmer from the accessory switch to turn my lights on and off, but the dimming function doesn’t work.

The following thread mentions an app called “dim and dimmer” but I didn’t see it as a template:

Elsewhere I saw mention of The Big Switch app, and that worked for on and off. But like I said, dimming doesn’t work. Also, the accessory switch remembers its own state and if the dimmer gets turned off either directly or by SmartThings, then the accessory still thinks it’s on and I have to hit off on the accessory switch before on will be recognized. Not a very elegant linking.

I would like to link the switches via SmartThings and not perform a direct association via a Minimote.

Are there any solutions out there, or do I need to write my own SmartApp?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Lots of options available. :sunglasses: Check the quick browse list for “lighting” in the community – created wiki. I think trendsetter is one of the most popular right now, but there are others as well.

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Thank you; that helps a lot!

I’m new to SmartThings, and I hadn’t realized there was such a repository that wasn’t officially linked through the api page. :smiley:

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The quick browse lists are pretty new, even a lot of experienced members don’t know they exist. The community added them to the wiki a couple of months ago because it was just getting so hard to search the forums. :wink:

Speaking of unofficial resources, I forgot to mention you can also do this with core, but that might be overkill for this particular use.