WT00Z virtual switch dimming?

Sorry If theis has been discussed before…I tried search and didn’t find anything.
I have a few of these virtual “dimmer switches” (called either wt00z-1 or now nwt00z) that act as virtual non-load switches for lightify recessed smart bulbs with constant power going to them. For on/off operation this works great via Smart Lighting automatons, especially now that I got a lightify hub for performing firmware updates on the bulbs.
My issue is for the life of me I can’t figure out how to brighten/dim the bulbs with the switch. Supposedly pushing and holding the up or down paddle on the switch causes it to send out a brighten or dim command but when I setup the automation with the smart bulbs I don’t see any options for dimming the lights. Am I missing something?
Thanks for any help!

Hey Brennan,

i’d suggest you to create a Dev Support ticket at https://smartthings.developer.samsung.com/support/list so you can get personalized attention regards to your integration.

Have a nice day!.

Thanks. Submitted something, l’ll see what they say…

Still trying to get an answer.

Nobody has ever tried to dim a light with some version of the wt00z? I can’t be the first I’m sure!

If I understand what you are asking, zwave association.

I forget the model numbers but I have some linear in 3 way that control dimming

Are they physical (connected to bulb) dimmers or do they send brightness change commands to the bulbs when you dim? I think linear makes both types. I’ve never had a problem getting physical (loaded) Z-wave dimmer switches to dim via SmartThings or at the paddle, just these non load dimmer switches.

Yes the non load switches.

For 3 ways in my house only one box of the 3 way has the neutral.

So can’t use direct wire like the Ge add on switch which requires a neutral.