EU Hub....smartthings products

So previously I asked whether the smartthings window sensors bought in the US would work with my EU hub…I got a reply of yes and it effectively works. Now my questions is…would all smartthings products(ie. motion sensor, arrival sensor, water leak sensor) bought in the US work with my EU hub?

ST-branded products are all zigbee based, so they should work across regions. If one’s working for you, the others probably will too.

Z-wave devices, on the other hand, will only work with one region’s hub or the other’s.

So then, Zigbee protocol is the same worldwide? Thanks!!!

The frequency may be then same, however; the power levels are sometimes different.
For example I believe the US uses a higher power level to the UK, therefore technically it would be illegal to use US zigbee devices in the UK.

Just something to be aware of

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