Wrong hub put into pairing mode using latest Android app?

Using the latest Android app with two hubs on the same location and pairing a hub connected device.

If I use ‘Scan Nearby’ I am offered a choice of hub and the correct one is put into pairing mode.

If I go in via a ‘Brand’ I am offered a choice of hub but the same one (the first of the two in my list for me) is put into pairing mode regardless of the choice I make.

Anyone else seeing that? This is new behaviour to me.

Since the last update the onboard process seems prettier but quirkier. As ever, when you onboard by ‘Brand’ any other devices you have paired using ‘Scan Nearby’ lately are ‘found’ again and moved into whatever room you chose for the device you are trying to pair. That has happened forever. Now I also find that when I am re-pairing an existing device, I will often get a new one instead.