Hub not working after account change

I have a hub with about 10 different sensors and devices connected to it. When a family member (account owner) left he deleted the hub from the app and it stopped working. I have been working with customer service for MONTHS to try to get this hub back up and running with NO success. I have rebooted and factory reset all devices but I keep getting the same errors - the hub is fine, it is joined to my account, but I can’t pair any devices to it. Devices enter pairing mode and then fail at that step to connect to the hub. Customer service can see that the hub is connected and working fine. I have tried all the steps and suggestions many many times all with exactly the same result. Any ideas from any of the SmartFolks here?

Brand/model of the devices?

If z-wave, exclude tHe devices, then try to pair them.

If zigbee devices, reset them, then try tO pair them.

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Thank you - several devices are Z-wave but I cannot exclude them because they do not appear on the app ever. The Hub is a Samsung SmartThings zigbee device. I have factory reset devices, deleted the app and restarted. I can add the hub but that’s the only thing I can do. I have tried to add a Schlage touchscreen lock and a Levitron plug but neither of them can pair with the hub.

Not to worry. You can still exclude devices that do no show.

Menu > devices > open your hub > click 3 dots in the upper right of the screen > choose z-wave utilizes and select z-wave exclusion. Do that for each z-wave device, tHen try tO pair them tO your hub.

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Thanks - I have tried that but no devices show up there. What am I doing wrong???

They do not appear anywhere until you exclude them and pair them. When you run the z-wave exclusion tool, you go through the same steps on the device to include it… and the hub sees the device and excludes/resets it. You should get a message that a device was found. Then you should be able to pair it successfully, it will show in the app.

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Oh wow - I just tried that and it finally worked. You have no idea how many times I tried that and never managed to make it work! But does that mean I have to exclude every since device and sensor in my house now to make them all work? I have door sensors, light switches, plugs, etc. So many things that are not connecting at all. But at least I finally got the door lock connected!!! thank you

Yep… every z-wave device need to be excluded. Zigbee devices need to be reset… pull/reinsert battery in device and press the button.

It would have been easier if ST still had their support page with instructions but they removed it :frowning:


well I am trying it with a Levitron outlet and it does not work. And I have no idea how to delete the sensors since those won’t pair either…

Not sure this is the Leviton outlet but there are exclusion instructions in the following link that may assist:

Would need brand/model f the sensors.

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holy moly that also worked! SmartThings needs to give you a job. I have literally been through 4 customer service people and NO ONE could help me and one kind internet stranger has all the answers. WOW

OK sensors are StripsGuard by Sensative


But I am getting the idea now that I have to search out the info for each device and figure out the specific exclusion steps so I think I will be able to figure it out from here. Thank you again!