Smart thing devices pairing issue

I have just bought brand new Fibaro Motion sensor which has z-wave connectivity, but when I start pairing and press the button 3 times as the hub guidelines but the sensor isn’t responding and cannot pairing with the smart things I do not know why it is not pairing with the hub?
I am very worried please any one of you can figure out the problem.

Try doing a general exclusion for the device. If a device was previously paired, it may need to be excluded before it can be re-added.

In the app, from the Devices page, select your hub. 3 dot menu top right, Z-wave Utilitiies, Z-wave exclusion. Do the same button pressing on the motion sensor as you do to add it. After it’s excluded, go back to the Add Device process and try again.

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Or it may need repair step? there is a option of repairing can I do that?

I’d recommend you pretend you haven’t seen that and try the suggestion from @Bry as it will make sure that the device doesn’t think it still paired to another hub. That happens a lot when devices have been used before, and happens enough with brand new devices that were paired in testing for it to be worth doing.

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So, sir can I just go the exclusion option and run that and then try to pairing it up?

That’s correct. It will do no harm.

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Thank I will get back to you when it is done…

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I have a question the exclusion feature works when any previously device is added to smart things but my sensor is not already added to smart things its a new one and cannot be added first time so the exclusion feature delete which sensor if it is not added first time?

the sensor is not pairing with smart things for the first time or when as it is paired then I can do exclusion feature but my sensor is not added yet kindly guide me?

you can run z-wave exclusion on devices that have not yet been added to ST. It is basically the same process you take to add the device except you put the hub in exclusion mode and press the button 3 times on your device.

after that, reboot your hub and try to add it again. But you mentioned errors in z-wave repair in one of your other posts that will probably need to be worked on.

meaning that first I have to launch the exclusion and then push 3 times the switch?
and then reboot the hub and then start the pairing right?

correct on both

To put it in the simplest terms, which might not be strictly accurate, ‘exclusion’ is a reset of a Z-Wave device that allows it to be paired to a new hub. If you want to remove a Z-Wave device from SmartThings you go through the device deletion process and as one part of that process the exclusion will be performed.

What we are talking about is a ‘general exclusion’, which is basically directly calling the exclusion process directly. The only reason a hub is used, and it can be absolutely any nearby Z-Wave hub/controller on the right frequency, is to act like a safety catch to enable the exclusion.