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Is it my eyes or did samsung remove a lot of devices from its list of works with smartthings? I noticed there are cameras, skybell, & other categories items missing.

Definitely something happening, because thermostats is down to one entry. . And as you mentioned, skybell is gone along with the Samsung cameras and Speakers.

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I did check the smartthings app & they do appear in the app for setup. Maybe they are only showing current products…but not sure.

Is it possible to be featured as a Works With product they have licensing deals which have expired?

Samsung speakers?

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Oh. LOL. Well never mind that theory then. :smiley:

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In fact, all Samsung products are gone, except for Connect Home hubs. Weird.

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Last week we updated the Works With SmartThings page to account for devices that are compatible with both the existing SmartThings hubs and the new Samsung Connect Home hubs. This is just an intermediary step as we wrap up changes to some of the device handlers and the Samsung Connect backend. We’re getting pretty close to closing out all the remaining work and we’re anticipating on the full list being back up shortly.

In the mean time, if you’re a SmartThings Hub V1 or V2 customer (which should be all of you), we haven’t removed support for any devices. You’ll still find all the Marketplace pages in the mobile app and all of our support documentation at


Hmmm, the Connect Home dooms day switch is upon us! Brace for impact. Muahhahha v3 is coming…


So, apparently Samsung Connect Home does not work with Samsungs’ own SmartCam. Hmm… :confused:

At least we know the Connect Home Prices now…

Samsung - Connect Home AC1300 Whole Home Wi-Fi System (3-pack) - White $379.99
Samsung - Connect Home Pro AC2600 Whole Home Wi-Fi System - White $249.99
Samsung - Connect Home AC1300 Whole Home Wi-Fi System - White $169.99

@ Best Buy

Update: I missed JDRobert’s post from 3 weeks ago. I’m slow!


I don’t think samsung would eliminate so many items in order to push the connect home. I think they are working on a way to make sure everything is compatible.

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That’s 100% the case. My team has been working on this for the last few months and we’re working hard to make sure we don’t leave any devices off the list. At this point there’s only been a single device that we expect to not put back up on the list, and it’s a ZigBee bulb that’s no longer sold.


@Tyler, you guys are doing a great job. Thanks.


how do i setup the different bands? i have 2 pro’s. 5g, 2.4g.

More questions about the Connect Home AC1300 and Pro AC2600.

  1. Just to verify: Not only will multiple Connect Home AC1300 units create a WiFi mesh around the house, they will ALSO create a Z-WAVE MESH so that we don’t have to rely on scattering the z-wave devices around just to be able to link to the smartthings hub . . . Correct?

  2. Has anyone found out whether the Connect Home Pro AC2600 will also be able to mesh?
    2b) …if so, can you mix and match AC1300s and Pro AC2600s ?

  3. Does each Connect Home unit need to be connected to an ethernet cable, or, can a second/third unit also act as a repeater by just being plugged into a wall outlet (no ethernet connection.)


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