Samsung goes after Apple at home with new Connect Home hub

Samsung’s current flagship phone and washing machine self-destruct, with the phone melting in your pocket and the washer decapitating itself. Their smart watch charger won’t stay locked into the watch, and the smart devices won’t integrate… I’m sorry to be pessimistic, but can’t they just leave SmartThings alone??


“full” is in the eye of the beholder. Cloud to cloud integrations are easy. Hardware isn’t so easy. [quote=“geko, post:44, topic:83036”]
completely separate mobile app that was not developed by SmartThings

Who told you it wasn’t completely developed by us?

You’re right to be unclear. It doesn’t provide any advantages. (Other than integrated WiFi) We don’t expect you guys to upgrade to this. What we do want is NEW users, though! :slight_smile:

We didn’t expect you or similar users to be interested in it. You’re not the audience. :slight_smile:

I didn’t mean to pick on you @geko and @JH1 but your posts called out the right questions.

This is not a “power user” hub. It is a mass consumer push. :slight_smile:

Buy a wifi router get SmartThings.

The important thing to note here is that we now have a VERY strong relationship with one of the biggest arms of Samsung, the Mobile Team. This is good for everyone. Their success is our success and vice-a-versa. They are as invested in our success as we are at this point.

One another note this is the same case with the S8 features. The S8 will feature a mass consumer friendly version of SmartThings to start. Power users like the members of this community will find some use in it but will still need to use the SmartThings platform to get the more “complex” rules and actions out of the platform.

Will the S8 features integrate with the v2 hub?

Any one else seem to notice the timing of the new update mechanism in 17.12 and the announcements about Samsung coming out with new ST gear/app. Let’s not forget the Nvidia Shield as a hub pitch… They may have been working to clear the technological hurdle that was clogging the pipe… Just Saying.


Does this extend the existing hubs?

Does each connect home act as a SmartThing’s hub? Thus extends range???

Any benefits compared to a traditional hub? Can I get the connect home hub and disable the wifi and use it as a SmartThings hub, provided any benefits exist?

Coming up for pre-order:

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Did they not see a need for more Ethernet ports (1 connected device?). That covers my Hue Bridge, but what about my Samsung 4G LTE Network Extender, security camera, my printer, my laptop?

If I bought a 3 pack, plus 2 other individual routers, I could move all my hard wired equipment and plug one into each of the routers throughout the whole house. That’s a perfect mesh.

It almost seems like it is always two steps forward and one step back for everything (for something good, you have to give up something else). Why can’t we have the best of both worlds wrapped up into one? It just seems like there’s always something that we have to be setback by.

I would only want the Pro anyway and you would think that would have at least 4 ports. I’m using a Nighthawk AC-5300 in my house and my network is superb, upstairs, downstairs and outside. As far as my Z-Wave / Zigbee throughout the house, when the SmartThings Hub is behaving, the response time of all my devices respond pretty damned quick, so I am not worried about the entire mesh in my house.

What other functionality does the Connect Home bring to us that would make me want to switch from running my standalone hub the way I am today?

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I don’t think they’re really targeting the group of consumers that already has a ST hub, and a router that currently meets their home networking needs.


Let’s suppose for a moment the new hub has or will (soon) have the often mentioned BlueTooth support. Is it logical to assume it may be also ported to the V2 hub? @slagle? @Tyler?

In other words, is the hub architecture similar enough that each could benefit from advances on the other? I can see ways it could be beneficial to both hubs & their cloud platform(s)…

Pretty sure if it were going to have bluetooth on Launch they would’ve already told us.

Instead they’ve already said that it has no new features relative to the existing V2 hub other than the integration with the WiFi mesh router.

It’s already missing USB ports…


I want to ask do the Samsung Connect Home Hub using the same cloud with SmartThings hub v2 that they can share the account data/smart home setting?

I wonder if the new Samsung Connect Home will have a new and replaced SDK, potentially rendering the existing user codebases (SmartApps etc) obsolete?

My company wants to start investing in the SmartThings ecosystem but can’t until we know if the SDK is going to completely change with the release of the Connect Home.

Your company will be completely paralyzed if it is constantly paranoid that things are “going to completely change”.

Unless Samsung offers you a Service / Partnership contract (which they won’t), then you can safely assume that anything can change at any time without any notice.

This is a brutal industry.


Ok, but talking to the technical aspects and not business, is the SDK expected to change or do we not know yet?


Did anyone buy one of these hubs?

There’ve been a couple of threads from people in the forum who bought them.


Thanks. Doesn’t look hopeful

I’m really confused. I know these aren’t out in the UK yet, but I was hoping to combine my router and hub for better placement and range.

I cannot work out if this can be used to replace my v2 hub. It certainly doesn’t look like there is a battery backup

I use the SmartThings APP with Samsung Connect Home Hub with no problem.


I don’t have one of these, but since it’s a wifi router and a smartthings hub in one device, I really doubt two AA batteries would run it for very long if your power goes out.

If battery backup is really important for you, it’d be easy enough to plug it into an uninterruptible power supply.