Works in Things but not in Lights and Switches

I have a z-wave lamp that I can turn on and off in the ‘Things’ section, but the icon in the Lights and Switches section with the same name doesn’t do anything. Is that normal? (The icon says it’s turning on and off when pressed, but the light doesn’t do anything).

I haven’t had this problem, but here is something you may want to try.
In the lights and switches screen at the top there is a gear icon. Press that icon and it will give you a list of your lights and switches. Press the light/switch corresponding to the lamp you are having problems with. Scroll to the bottom where it says edit name and switches. Press that and verify that the correct lamp is selected. Press done.

Hopefully this will help

Thanks Luis,
The name was right in Lights and Switches, but going into ‘Edit Names and Switches’ for my Front Porch item showed that Choose Switches for Front porch was empty… not assigned to anything, so I just checked my Front Porch switch to be associated with the Front Porch item in Lights and Switches.
Perhaps I should be naming devices slightly differently from names of items in Lights and Switches to avoid confusion in the future.


Yah… that’s a shortfall in the UI. The original release only had “Things” view. Hello Home, Dashboard and Shortcuts were pretty obviously “tacked-on” to make some things easier, but a bit of the duct tape shows through.

I’m still kind of a newbie myself, but I’m glad you were able to figure it out.