Cool Feature!

Haddn’t noticed these before, so if they did exist, excuse my excitement.

When you attach a Z-Wave Switch, in the features area where you can name the device, there is a selection for “Icon” which has a very rich list of potential images which appear on the homescreen button. So your porch light and table lamp look like a porch light and a table lamp.

Yep, A lot of them are pretty well done.

Glad you like them. Working on getting those available for more device types too.

I hope this functionality will come to the Android app soon.

It will!

I agree these are a great addition. Im hoping that they will add the icon selection to the multisense things, soon. When I go into the app it would be nice to tell what is what without having to remember more along the lines of the order that the sensors are in.

What would be even better, I think, is to let us take our own pic like we can for the Presence sensors. That way, I can be looking at a picture of the actual Thing I’m controlling.

@drmcclin: I’m hoping that’s where they’re going with this. You can already sort of do this with locations–you can pick an actual picture to represent each one. On the Android app you can’t actually upload a picture, but I assume that’s next, and it may be possible on the iOS app.

+1 for allowing user’s own pictures (perhaps even multiple pictures for various States (on/off, hot/cold), though that could get complicated.

Though hard to fit on a tile icon (presuming that the App GUI continues to be only tile-icon centric…), a picture of a lamp or shelf of puck-lights, appliance, temperature location, etc., makes it much quicker to identify the associated Thing.

This is particularly important since the Tiles currently do not show the Thing “Names” unless you shake the dang iOS device (which I have stuck to my wall, and thus, cannot shake it!!!).

Of course, these user’s own pictures should also show up when selecting Things during SmartApp installation/configuration.

UI design is hard – or is it?