GE 45609 no longer updating manual changes at all

I installed 12 GE45609 in my home for about a month everything was fine then I noticed a disconnect between devices and lights and switches, in devices it would display the status correctly but in lights and switches it would always say off. now it has gotten worse. now smart things never sees manual changes at all. it can still control them but if i want to turn off a light that was manually turned on I need to turn it on first (it just sits on turning on) then i have to hit off and it shuts off. obviously this is an issue if I can’t see the light.

hope someone can help

i have tried a zwave repair from the ide and get several failed to update mesh info errors but only a few not every device. not sure what that means

I should mention I just updated to the newest IOS app same issue

Please contact so that they can track this issue. They’ll be able to assist you with troubleshooting.


ok i just emailed support.

I will add to this if anyone else having similar issues stumbles on this post that I can see all the devices status updates in the ide logs they just never update in the app

I’m in the same boat, all of my switches work but now with one of my GE z wave outlets, my modes never change it even though the app itself reflects the change made. Night = lights off but they all go off BUT that one. Ever since the iOS update.

mine started randomly no updates that i know of triggered it, it has not been not getting manual switch updates for a few weeks but haven’t had time to look into it yet. and it was a month or so before that that “things” and “lights and switches” went out of sync. I never understood the disconnect between “things” and “lights and switches” not sure how the two can display different information but I often found that devices would update only in things but not in lights and switches. even if i used the app to change the device status. ie. turn on light from lights and switches but it would still display off there… if i goto things it shows on.

I’m having very similar issues since the update. Sent a trouble ticket to support. Hopefully it’s something of a universal fix for everyone!

Most of my z-wave devices have gone off the grid. GE wall outlets, GE paddle switches, GE ceiling fan and well as both my AEON Mini remotes are gone. All since yesterday. I also installed the new iOS app which I absolutely detest.

Same symptoms here. Zwave devices either don’t work at all now or only very limited functionality (e.g. Smartthings motion sensor is able to turn on a GE plug in dimmer, but the iOS app can’t turn the same dimmer on or off, and the status is not being updated in the app). My two minimotes are not working at all. I’ve emailed support about all this. Appears to be fixed now.

Make sure to always email Those cats are too busy to read the forums :smile:

Glad to hear they are fixing it. Funny thing is I email support all the time about issues but I don’t think they every actually close my tickets after things are resolved I usually have to come back to the community to get any updates.

I updated all my devices per the ‘iOS 2.0 Discussion!’ thread and got everything but one switch back. It’s tedious, but it works…or you can wait and I’m sure Support will push it through for everyone.