Most of my switches stopped working, won't respond to command "on", can't be edited on IDE

Hi folks! I filed a support ticket a bit ago, and live support seems to be offline - however this morning has been a nightmare for me.

I was having some trouble with routines and switches not turning on/off (as it seems many of us are), so I was playing around with splitting up things with SmartLighting and Rule Machine.

Randomly, most of my switches (about 100 or so) disappeared from being able to be selected. They still show up in “Things” and in the IDE online, however nothing works.

When I try to toggle the switch in things, it immediately flips back.

When a routine tries to fire, I get: “device doesn’t respond to command ‘on’”

When I try to update the device type (it’s a normal zwave switch) I get this:

Oh No! Something Went Wrong!
500: Internal Server Error
Reference Id

I don’t see anything posted on the status page, has anyone else hit something like this? Time to set up all the devices again? I’ve tried rebooting, and such… (Likely will try the Iris hub)

Any thoughts/ideas would be hugely appreciated, family is coming into town this evening, and - if the lights don’t work, it won’t be pleasant :smile:


– Justin

I’m seeing the same thing with one of my z-wave switches, a TKBHome switch. Can’t control it at all. Started happening earlier today. As you say, if you try to edit it and update, get a 500 internal server error. My other (different) dimmer switches are working ok though it seems.

I finally fixed this, it took a long reboot cycle + 2 zwave repairs, and it magically fixed itself… Very spooky.