Device names


Everytime my hub discovers a switch it gives it a name with Z-Wave in front of the item such as Z-wave switch. How would I make it so it automatically names it just Switch. Can I make a device handler so that it would rename it Switch instead of Z-Wave switch. I know I can rename the device on the app, but I wanted to know if there’s a way so it automatically names the device just Switch. I would really appreciate any replies. Thanks.

Aren’t you going to rename it anyway? What’s the difference what the default name is??

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Well I also had a follow up question that everytime I press the on and off button, it keeps on saying turning off and turning on between on and off which makes the reaction take longer and delay more. How can I make it so it will directly say on and off? Guess I should’ve mentioned earlier.

You want the device name to have the status in it?

I just want the device name to just say Switch and get rid of all the turning on and turning off stuff.

Yes, you would need to create a new device handler, Edit the default handler and in the code where you see the status “turning on”, change the verbiage. You might have to change the color codes also.

Thanks. I’ve figure it out now.

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