Withings ws50 scale

Thinking about ordering this product. Seems like a fun addition to my smart home. But does it work with smartthings? Cant seem to find any info about it.

I’ve got the previous generation Withings scale, but hadn’t even considered trying to use it with SmartThings. What integrations were you going to hook up, out of curiosity?

Well if your weight starts to go up it can turn off the TV to get you up and moving… :smile:

No but in all seriousness I have this scale and integration would be great. The scale does weight, heart rate, pulse but more interestingly on these forums Carbon Dioxide and Temperature (note it only syncs once per day or every time you step on it). Using my beddit I have noticed a direct correlation with poor sleep and high CO2 levels (its amazing how fast they climb with all the windows and doors shut). I would like at the very least to be able to push a notification when CO2 level gets high or better yet cycle the HVAC fan to force some fresh air in the room. Also another temp data point is good as well!

I like the idea to be able to click on the things app and get the CO2 information.

My first thought was to have it start my morning routines. Some sonos music or weather update as my coffe begins to brew.

Then again if you would stray from your weight loss plan it could lock the fridge:)

Cut and paste from their page

Enter the internet of Everything

Create causality links with IFTTT - like triggering an action when you weigh in or when you achieve a goal - to help you take on your weight.

We have integrated the Withings scales via cloud-to-cloud connections so this one is included (it is what I have). Right now we show last weight, body fat %, and pulse along with a small chart of each.

@Ben when can we expect to see the Withings integration in Labs? Also, will the Pulse activity tracker be included similar to the UP24 soon?

Any implementation is a plus for me:) however im not sure what you mean by cloud to cloud?

Got the scale today but since im new to smartthings i might need some help^^

We’ll work to release the integration publicly soon. @Coffras - Cloud-to-Cloud simply means SmartThings servers connect with the Withings servers directly without involving the SmartThings Hub.

I have the FitBit Aria scale, anyway to intergrate with ST?

Woah, really? I have a Withings SmartBody Analyzer Wi-Fi scale. I don’t see it in the Smart Apps though, how does one add it to the ST Hub?

Update: Got too excited, just saw that you replied to others saying it’s still in the works. #CantWait :smiley:

I know @Ben said that official integration is in the works, but for the meanwhile, you can use IFTTT to integrate the two. It’s pretty limited but you can still do actions between platforms.

which scale has the best features?

which one is being integrated?

any update on which scale would best? easy to integrate? fitbit or withings?

Whitings ws50 is the first scale we will add (already added in beta)


I would be happy to beta test it :wink:

ok, sorry for being such a nag… i have a gift cert thats burning a hole in my pocket and i dont want to buy wrong one.

thank you Ben!!

I have a ws50, too, would love to beta!

I want to be on beta also!

ordered the ws-30, im hoping it will still work, less data though…

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@Ben does “in beta” mean regular folks can somehow get involved and test it? Or we just need to wait until you are ready to release it? I will test it when available. With Harmony integration I’m thinking SmartApp to lock TV off when weight above xxx lbs!