Fitbit Aria Scale

Has anyone tried to connect the FitBit Aria scale to smartthings? I connected my Jawbone Up 24 and wanted to see if anyone had thought about connecting the scale. Thx!


We don’t have a way of officially integrating with the Aria yet but I’m really interested in how you would use the device with SmartThings!

As @Ben has said - if someone has plans to write the device type code we can look at sending them the device.

I have the device and will give it a shot. It would be great to do the following:

Seeing your last weigh in and BMI
Weight lost or gained with remaining to goal
BMI lost or Gained with remaining to goal
Ability to send notification to phone (spouse, trainer, doctor etc.)

I would also like to try to add Withings Blood Pressure monitoring. Would be an interesting twist on Smartthings and could be another angle for Smart-things to use in marketing. Maybe a part of Safety and Security geared towards monitoring the sick and elderly as well as people who are health conscious.

any update?= on this?

Suggested Use:

If refrig_door_open && weight > threshold {



I think the Aria Scale can be added but I need help writing the device code. The Fitbit api can be found here: - can anyone give me a quick tutorial to help make this happen?

Sounds neat. Any movement since?

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None - I would love to have this and my fitbit HR plugged into ST ecosystem.

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