Withings integration

I have had a set of wifi scales from Withings for months now, when i first purchased them i tried to use the St Withings official smart app but it didnt display any info so i gave up, 6 months later i thought i would have another go this morning but St classic still fails to display any info except small text in lbs of weight, so it is still not functioning properly in St, i know its cloud to cloud so is there anything that can be done to make cloud to cloud work properly again ?

Where is the official app located?

Classic app- automations- smart apps-add a smart app-wellbeing- withings manager

The IFTTT channel is pretty good.

I’m curious what the use case is - change lighting colors based on reported weight? Use it as a switch so when you weigh yourself in the morning your morning routine kicks off? Just log it somewhere that isn’t convenient to send the data directly from Withings? Just in case you’re doing something awesome that would convince me to buy a connected scale :smiley:


Lock the pantry and refrigerator doors when my weight exceeded a certain amount.


Absolutely nothing tbh, if the ability to see the scales logs and graphs in St is available then for me its just another nice feature, sadly though nothing is showing which is a shame as i believe the withings api does expose plenty of info

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Some people use it to change Mode in the morning, since stepping on the scale is part of their waking up routine. It depends how regular you are in your habits, though, how many people are in the house, and, of course, whether you have a dog or cat who likes to sit on the scale at 4 in the morning. :smile_cat:


Haha, nice one JD, actually finding the answer to a question you didnt have is always fun and JD just gave me an idea, i suppose ( maybe just me though ) an incentive for the boy in me to turn on the lights downstairs by standing on the scales, cool win win right there, downside, the app dont work :frowning:

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Hmm…Don’t see it…

Maybe because im in the Uk ??

I can’t find any Withings SmartApp through my classic app either. Of note, maybe, is that my ST account and Samsung account are tied. I did previously try to incorporate the scale into my morning routine but didn’t like my results with IFTTT.

Anyways, check this out, if you go into devices you can find something called “Withings User”.

(Above: New Device Page; Below: Expanded drop down)

On my phone, this device is attempting to graph something?? The device’s settings look for a Graph Precision and Line Type. I’m curious how this would behave if the smartapp were present…

(Edit: I’m US based if it turns out to be that.)

This is what i see in the app

This is a bit of a reach but what does setting it to live precision do? Maybe it doesn’t graph a year if it can’t find data from today-minus-one-year.

Mine isn’t even displaying weight. Is that value stale or does it actually change?

Overall, we might be SOL. Seems like the Nokia acquisition orphaned a lot of this ST stuff. For the sake of my sleep-pad I’m hoping the un-acquisition will un-orphan things.

No idea if the weight changes tbh, never really tested it that much, i have changed all settings to everything available but still no joy

Maybe a kind Staff member could put this on the todo list, im sure a pro coder could reconnect the app so it works again

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It’s starting to sound worthwhile to tell Withings I’m a company making an app, just to poke around more on the API side.

Outside of us, I actually don’t know who it falls upon to get devices supported. Here’s hoping.

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