Withings SmartScale Integration

(Ronny Carr) #1

What’s the word on this? I received an invite to join the beta group and was more than willing to test it out but never heard anything else about it. I saw the device type listed in the IDE and added a device to my hub using the type but I can’t see an obvious way to hook in my scale.

(Ethomasii) #2

same thing i posted a minute ago about the jawbone… maybe they have included some new functionality, but you can do this integration today with ifttt.

(Chris) #3

I recently picked up one of these. I added the device to my hub, but I cannot find a way to connect it to the scale either.
Anybody have any luck with this?

(Jason) #4

Add the device then under connections in the App Store you will see a withings app you need to have that then you just log into your withings account and it pulls it’s info from there

(Ronny Carr) #5

Jason, perhaps they actually added you to the beta, as I don’t have this app available. I responded that I did want to be included in the beta, but maybe I was overlooked. Also, the connections sections is not in newer releases of the app.

(Dan G) #6

I was also able to add my Withings scale by going to https://graph.api.smartthings.com/device/list and clicking the “+ New Device” button (then filling out the form fields). Like Ronny, however, no Withings SmartApps are offered when selecting the scale on the phone app. Must be a beta feature. Any thoughts from the SmartThings folks?

(Andrew Urman) #7

Hey all, we’re taking a look at making this a Labs release. Just started it so I don’t have an official timeline yet, but a lot of its close.

(Chris) #8

Ok, thats great to hear! Thanks for the update.

Is there an official beta program I can join? I would love to help out (I am a developer).