Withings SmartScale Integration

What’s the word on this? I received an invite to join the beta group and was more than willing to test it out but never heard anything else about it. I saw the device type listed in the IDE and added a device to my hub using the type but I can’t see an obvious way to hook in my scale.

same thing i posted a minute ago about the jawbone… maybe they have included some new functionality, but you can do this integration today with ifttt.

I recently picked up one of these. I added the device to my hub, but I cannot find a way to connect it to the scale either.
Anybody have any luck with this?

Add the device then under connections in the App Store you will see a withings app you need to have that then you just log into your withings account and it pulls it’s info from there

Jason, perhaps they actually added you to the beta, as I don’t have this app available. I responded that I did want to be included in the beta, but maybe I was overlooked. Also, the connections sections is not in newer releases of the app.

I was also able to add my Withings scale by going to https://graph.api.smartthings.com/device/list and clicking the “+ New Device” button (then filling out the form fields). Like Ronny, however, no Withings SmartApps are offered when selecting the scale on the phone app. Must be a beta feature. Any thoughts from the SmartThings folks?

Hey all, we’re taking a look at making this a Labs release. Just started it so I don’t have an official timeline yet, but a lot of its close.

Ok, thats great to hear! Thanks for the update.

Is there an official beta program I can join? I would love to help out (I am a developer).