Wisenet smartcam "camera is disconected" problem

so i got the Wiseset smartcam “https://www.amazon.com/Samsung-Wisenet-SmartCam-Outdoor-Security/dp/B071F7S9K8/ref=sr_1_4?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1497307898&sr=1-4&keywords=wisenet+smartcam” but i have a problem with the OUTDOOR cameras (the indoor one works fine) and it keeps saying this problem “camera is disconnected” pls help
sry for bad english

Are you referring to an integration between this camera and the Samsung Smartthings home automation hub?

I don’t have that type but two Samsung (Wisenet) SNH-6414BN and they often reset. They give the “camera is disconnected” message but a minute later are back. Probably happens a couple of times a day.

No real problem as they always come back, but the annoying part is the LED does not respect the previous setting and is always turning back on.

no for me it ALWAYS says “camera is disconnected” i think its because the
cameras are away from the station or “HUB” so they cant connect

So then what happens if you bring the camera closer to its base station?

it works fine when its close to the station just when its far it doesnt
connect (i think)

Sounds like you figured out the problem then.

i found the problem just cant fix it no worries i am returning the camera
and getting a wired one :slight_smile:

Well, I don’t want to return my camera, and it is line of site about 12 feet from the Samsung SmartThings Hub. But it’s not relative to the hub that I want to fix it, it’s relative to the Wisenet app that I want to fix this. Plus, as the other user posted, when it boots back up, the camera LED is back on (not remembering the setting to leave it off).

Relative to my previous posting, here is a screen capture of the two most recent errors, showing camera unavailable, then reconnected.