Wisenet smartcam "camera is disconected" problem


(cool) #1

so i got the Wiseset smartcam “https://www.amazon.com/Samsung-Wisenet-SmartCam-Outdoor-Security/dp/B071F7S9K8/ref=sr_1_4?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1497307898&sr=1-4&keywords=wisenet+smartcam” but i have a problem with the OUTDOOR cameras (the indoor one works fine) and it keeps saying this problem “camera is disconnected” pls help
sry for bad english

(Mark) #2

Are you referring to an integration between this camera and the Samsung Smartthings home automation hub?

(Matthew Valeri) #3

I don’t have that type but two Samsung (Wisenet) SNH-6414BN and they often reset. They give the “camera is disconnected” message but a minute later are back. Probably happens a couple of times a day.

No real problem as they always come back, but the annoying part is the LED does not respect the previous setting and is always turning back on.

(cool) #4

no for me it ALWAYS says “camera is disconnected” i think its because the
cameras are away from the station or “HUB” so they cant connect

(Mark) #5

So then what happens if you bring the camera closer to its base station?

(cool) #6

it works fine when its close to the station just when its far it doesnt
connect (i think)

(Mark) #7

Sounds like you figured out the problem then.

(cool) #8

i found the problem just cant fix it no worries i am returning the camera
and getting a wired one :slight_smile: