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Wire Connection to garage door for GoControl Linear Garage Door Opener


(Rise82sun) #1

Hi folks,

I am having an issue operating the GoControl Linear Garage Door Opener. The device connects to the hub and the close/open sensor works fine. I plugged the wires coming out of the controller on the two open slots from the left (see pic below) and the garage operates fine with the mobile app but the wall switch garage opener did not work. The closest discussion in the forum is below where the solution was to plug the GoControls wires to the existing wires that the button is connected to. The problem is the holes seems like they only allow one wire in.

I have the liftmaster 2280 garage door which is compatible. Product reference link below.

Thanks for your help.

(Dan P Parker) #3

I have the exact same setup and it works fine. This might sound like a dumb question, but just for clarification…did the wall-mounted switch work before you connected the GoControl controller?

(Rise82sun) #4

Dan, Thanks for the response. The wall-mounted switch worked fine before. Just to clarify, the picture above is without the GoControl wires. Did you combine the wires from the controller and the wall connector in your setup?

(Dan P Parker) #5

There’s no need for that. If you look closely at the photo you posted you’ll see that the red and white terminals each have TWO wire holes above the wire clamp tabs. So the red wire from the wall switch goes into one hole in the red terminal, and the red wire from the GoControl goes into the other hole in the red terminal. Ditto the white wires and the white terminal next to the red one.