Liftmaster 7576 Security+ 2.0 garage door and Linear GoControl zwave opener will it work?

There are many many topics in this forum about Gocontrol zwave and the Liftmaster not working together and needing to solder to make it work. however, can anyone tell me specifically if it will work with this particular model

Liftmaster 7576 Security+ 2.0

i have emailed linear and have gotten no response in over a week.

I personally can’t get it to work but maybe there is a different way to wire it or something i am missing. the device is recognized and beeps as it should but the garage does not go up and down. i assume this garage is not compadible with the opener but i want to make certain before returning as i’m not willing to solder to get this working

With out the solder, it’s a no-go.

are you certain that is the case with this particular model? as there are others on this forum claiming that it will work with liftmaster it depends on the model

thanks for your help

It is the 2.0+ security feature that is preventing the goControl from working. An opener with this “technology” requires a proprietary device. This is why “we” had to solder a connection to a liftmaster opener to get this working. I wish there was another way but, I was unable to find one.

This is exactly right. I suspect that the cables that run to the wall plate button to open the door are bringing the power and that the wall button is sending a RF signal to these new lift master. So when you plug the GoControl opener or even just a GoControl relay and activate it, You shut off the power to the wall button. The light goes off but the door doesn’t open.All in all with the newer lift masters you can’t just plug the relay in the motor. You absolutelly have to activate a remote with a GoControl dry relay. Don’t bother with the Linear Opener. Just return it and buy a small GoControl Z-Wave relay around $30. Get a second remote for your Lift Master from a vendor. I bought a used one for $20. It needs to be a Lift master remote because any other brand won’t work either. Once you have the spare remote, go to a local electronic shop and ask them to solder two small wires to the main open button on the remote circuit board (about 6 inches). This will cost $10 and then you just have to drill a small hole in the case to let the wires out. You put the remote back together and hook the two blue wires from the relay to the two wires coming out of the remote. I bought an empty project box and put everything in (remote and relay) letting a cord out to plug the relay in an outlet near my Lift master. It looks even better than the Lenear opener and it works flawlessly. Don’t be affraid to solder a dry relay to a remote control. It is easy. I even did exactlly the same thing with my A/C unit in the house. I can’t change temp but I can start and stop with ST and Alexa without moving a finger. Be bold!.