Linear GoControl and Genie 1000

I cannot get the GoControl to work with the Genie IntelliG 1000

I have read other articles on this site - these devices are not directly compatible, require a dry contact switch (38013R)

I have tried to connect the GoControl to the Dry Contact Switch (‘switch’ side, connect to both wire ports), and then connect two wires from the Dry Contact Switch (‘opener’ side, connect to both wire ports) to port #3 and #4 on the opener.

The SmartThings phone app does recognize the GoControl, and the up/down status. If I select open or close depending on the status, the GoControl will beep several times and the app indicates opening or closing but the garage door does not open or close.

Have you tried jumpering across the two terminals (momentarily) on the adapter and seeing if that works?

Does your wall control still work?

If that doesn’t do anything, what happens when you do the same thing on the door openers 3/4 terminals?

Thank you for the reply

I am not sure what you mean by jumpering across the two terminals on the Dry Contact Adapter

The Wall control still works

If I touch the two wires together from the ‘opener’ side leading to terminals 3 and 4, it will trigger an open/close

The dry contact adapter takes a “dry contact” (such as what is in the Linear/GoControl and convert it to whatever the garage door needs to see to trigger it to open/close. By simulating a dry contact (jumpering/connecting the two terminals together), it would functioning like a contact closing.

If you jumpered terminals 3 and 4 together (on the opener) and the door starts moving, I don’t think you need the adapter. You probably don’t have the “Series III” wall control (the Series III wall controls use something like a serial communication), but possibly just the Series II.