GoControl/Linear GD00Z-4 and Genie ReliaG Pro Series MODEL 2028

I have installed my new GoControl/Linear GD00Z-4 on my Genie ReliaG Pro Series MODEL 2028 garage door opener. Tilt sensor paired very easily. GoControl found by my ST hub. Garage door status showing properly on ST app once cycled door with push button on wall.

Once I press the open or close icon on the app, the GoControl will beep 5 times and the door will will respond. As soon as the door starts moving the red push button light on the wall goes out and the button no longer works unless I unplug the GoControl or remove wires from garage door opener. The wall push button light goes on immediately and is operational if I removed GoControl wires from garage door or unplug GoControl. Once I put the wires back in or cycle the GoControl on and off, its good for one push in the app to open or close then wall button goes out.


sounds like it has the new security feature that unit isn’t compatible with. People have worked around this in the past by soldering the wires to a spare remote control.

What does your wall button look like? You might need the dry contact adapter.


Interesting, that looks exactly like mine and i haven’t had any issues. I have a Model 7055 (and the other is a 2055, I think) from Lowe’s. It sounds like you have it wired correctly, but I assume you have the wall button and the GoControl wired to the same terminals on the opener?

Yes. It’s wired in terminal 3 & 4 (BWC).

I only see one pair of wires going into 3 and 4. Is the GoControl connected somewhere else (in parallel)? I had to parallel mine at the opener.

I pulles the GoControl wired before I took the photo. I had 2 wires going in slot 3 and 2 in 4.

I couldnt make out what wires are what in your photo. Is you GoControl plugged in 3 & 4?

Gotcha! It’s hard to tell, but the GoControl wires do go to 3 & 4. The safety beams connect to 1 & 2 (two wires from each).

I’m at a loss as to why it won’t work like you had it! It doesn’t look like you have a Series III control (from your wall button photo).

My last thought is the GoControl closes its contact and it “sticks” and doesn’t open like it should (it should pulse the contact and not “latch” it closed). I assume (I do NOT know…so don’t trust me on this) it is a dry contact in the GoControl…you could use a multimeter to see if the contact opens/closes (disconnected from the opener, obviously). It might time call GoControl/Linear’s support.

I just got the GD00Z-8 from Amazon in the process of integrating smart devices. Seems that this model is listed as Not Compatible (according to Nortek’s list) with the Genie Series iii 2028 Garage Door Opener. Any suggestions on one that IS compatible or you have had success with? I found the new Nexx NXG-200 looks like its compatible gonna try that. Thanks!

Series III controllers aren’t going to be compatible with the simple GoControl’s dry contact. You need to have a "dry contact adapter, similar to this. I’d call Genie to make sure that adapter will work with your opener before buying, though.