Wink V2 and bluetooth

Cant seem to find an answer. Is it implemented yet or not. Reason for asking is I would love to integrate my Homekit bluetooth Locks into ST. Also I have a few Feit bluetooth bulbs and it would be nice to automate these.
Any info will be appreciated.

SmartThings has not turned on their Bluetooth radio.

I know am talking about wink 2 so I can integrate my locks into ST

Oh, well this is a SmartThings forum, so i’m not sure how much people will know about Wink on here. How do you plan on integrating them between Wink and SmartThings?

@jays Good question how are you planning on integrating Wink and SmartThings?

Yeah I know its ST forum,and I had a brain fart, at work. I meant Wink and HK. My bad. Will continue this convo elsewhere.

Winks bluetooth is active only bluetooth product that works is august smart lock nothing else.

Sorry Dennis, I do not believe that is correct. Wink connects to August Locks through August Connect so it is a cloud to cloud connection, not by bluetooth.

What about schlage locks?

Wink is able to integrate with z-wave Schlage, Zwikset and Yale Locks. Not sure if they support any zigbee locks. August Locks are integrated but only through August Connect.

I meant schlage sense(Bluetooth). Don’t care about Connect, I have those on ST

The Wink Hub / Wink Hub 2 officially supports Schlage Z-wave Touchscreen Deadbolts in both Camelot and Century styles (check for a model # of BE469NX or BE469WK).

lol I know that. They are the zwave Schlage Connect locks that I have 2 of working with ST. I am asking if the BE479s Schlage Sense Bluetooth(HK compatible ) will work with wink2. Thanks for your help though. Let me quit here before I get a bashing talking about Wink

The answer to your question is NO.

I was looking into this too. Currently the only Candelabra lights that are automated are Bluetooth. I need them for my porch light. I was thinking of getting Bluetooth lights and a Wink 2 hub. Then create a virtual switch in SmartThings that goes through IFTTT to Wink.
Yeah, that’s a long ass roundabout way of working some Candelabra lights. Or, I could rip it off the wall and put up a new one with a regular size bulb. But what’s the fun in that?