Schlage Sense (new model just released)

I see this has Bluetooth and now supports HomeKit, but is the rest of it identical to the Schlage Connect? Specifically does it have all the same zwave features? For the $20 more I’d rather get the extra goodies for down the road but I dont see zwave mentioned on the website, only bluetooth. Thanks!

That’s what I understood them to be, only bluetooth which made me feel much better about my purchase of Schlage Connect locks just before Sense was announced!

The Sense is Bluetooth only. Intended for use with HomeKit. It’s a nice lock, but not compatible with SmartThings.

No idea if it will be after SmartThings eventually activates its Bluetooth radio or if the lock will still be HomeKit-only.

Greetings…! Has anyone figure out how to integrate the Schlage Sense Lock with SamrtThings yet? I’m hoping we can find a way to use this decent smart lock without a stand alone HomeKit. I bought one early this year but everything in the house is being integrated in SamrtThings except this piece😌, please let me know.