Schlage BE469 Z-wave deadbolt

Just wanna share my experience. I read some ppl were having issues pairing with ST. I unboxed this, put all the parts together in my basement 5 feet away from the hub. Put my programming code and supplied access code. Lock installed. I then put it in pairing mode and start up ST and it found a zwave lock. Tested and can lock/unlock.
Disassemble and took it and install it on the door. Reset it to factory and then program in my access code. Tested with ST and everything worked great 30 feet away from hub with a Cree bulb 5 feet away. Uploading…

I’m glad it worked well for you. Not everyone has problems. When they do, it’s because the schlage locks treat secure pairing somewhat differently than most of the other Z wave brands. But once you do get it paired, it generally works fine. :sunglasses:

BTW, Cree is zigbee, it won’t have anything to do with a zwave lock one way or the other.

The SmartThings hub is a white plastic box which contains several different devices, including a Z wave plus controller and A zigbee coordinator using the zigbee home automation profile. So you’re essentially running two separate networks under one SmartThings account, one for Z wave, and one for zigbee. Z wave repeats only for Z wave, zigbee repeats only for zigbee. And they’re on different frequencies, so they don’t interfere with each other. Consequently, the position of your Cree bulb is irrelevant to your schlage Z wave lock.

The thing most working in your favor with the bench pairing method that you used is the fact that your lock is less than 40 feet away from your hub. That puts it within one “hop.” Means it can talk directly to the hub without needing to have its messages repeated by any other devices. So it wouldn’t have to change its address tables after you installed it on the door. :wink:

Yeah got it. I have 3x be479 installed and liked how it worked with HomeKit but got this zwave one cause I wanna setup some triggers for that specific door. And thanks for the heads up on the Cree. I do know the st hub works with zigbee and zwave. 90% of my lights are Hue with just 1 Cree and 2 lightify. And great that I don’t need a repeater.

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Glad you got it working well. I had the exact same experience that upon first pairing I needed to be close to the hub so I got a long Cat6 cable to bring it close to my door for pairing but afterwards I moved the hub back to the original location with absolutely no issues with any of my three Schlage units.

After reading before I bought it I didn’t even try to install it on the door first. Thanks to the other posters.

Are these issues based on proximity to the hub itself or simply proximity to some existing Z-Wave device? I have two of these deadbolts that will be installed in the next couple weeks as a I wrap up a construction project at my house. There are four Z-Wave/Leviton switches within just a few feet of where one deadbolt will be and 3 close to the other.

The initial pairing needs to be close to the hub so that the lock can exchange an encryption key with the hub. This is sometimes called “whisper distance.” Typically it’s within a couple of feet. But it doesn’t matter whether you bring the lock to the hub or the hub to the lock, they just need to be close together at the time of the initial pairing so the key can be exchanged.

There is an additional issue which the OP in this thread was fortunate enough not to run into, but which a number of other community members have, which is that the schlage model performs a bolt calibration at the time of pairing. For this reason, if you don’t have it installed in its intended location at the time that you do the pairing, this calibration may be off, causing the lock to jam after you move it. :disappointed_relieved:

Additionally, with most Z wave locks, if the encryption key exchange fails for any reason, the lock will say that it didn’t pair. Schlage treats it differently, and it may go ahead and pair even if the encryption exchange is not successful, at which point the lock will show as paired but you won’t be able to lock or unlock it from the hub. This specific issue is the reason why we have a separate FAQ in the forum just for Schlage locks that failed to pair.

If you tried pairing a schlage lock and for any reason The lock doesn’t work correctly after that, follow the instructions in the FAQ exactly, you should have no problem pairing the lock in place. But you will need to bring the hub close to it.

Again, you can get lucky – – if you don’t have the lock in the door but the calibration happens to be the same as it would be once it is installed in the door, you won’t run into the jamming problem. But as with most devices, you will have the highest likelihood of success if you follow the manufacturer’s directions, which in this case say to install the lock first. :wink:

Very helpful. Thanks very much. I will do the pairing post install and with the hub close by.

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FYI . The lock did a bolt calibration initially, When I installed it on the door it did have a jamming problem which was quickly and easily solved by resetting it and using the programming/ default access code to recalibrate. Piece of cake.

PS…just sharing my personal experience

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