Need some advice from smart hub users

Hey everyone, I’m new here. The last couple weeks I have been researching getting to the smart hub world. So far I’m looking at SmartThings and Wink. I would appreciate any feedback on either of the two and the pros and cons of each. Just need help deciding which route I should take.

Right now the smart products I have are a Nest Thermostat, Nest Protect and an August Smart Lock. I am interested in getting smart light bulbs. Which do you guys recommend? I would like to have a few I can change color, but my entire house doesn’t need that feature. Also looking in to automate lights coming on and off as I leave a room (but not coming on when the room is lit with daylight).

Thanks for everyone’s input!

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I had a Wink hub but never took it out of the box. This community page is a big reason I went with ST. If you do a search here for Wink you will find info including why some left Wink for ST.

The GE Link bulbs are a good way to go.

One thing to keep in mind is that both SmartThings and Wink are cloud-based systems, meaning that if your Internet connection is interrupted, you will lose control of your system. I bring this up because surprisingly many users don’t realize that and for some folks it’s a non-starter.

Hi Michael! So, with any HA system, I think you need to be prepared to spend a little time figuring them out…I chose ST because it operates on multiple protocols (Z-Wave, Zigbee, and WiFi) providing great flexibility with future expansion, the positive reviews on the iOS app for mobile access, and the open source platform with established user/ support community.

I felt these features meant that the system would be around for awhile as there is an supporting user community and developers working around the clock to expand capabilities, share their knowledge, and influence the platform manufacturer. You won’t get that with a closed proprietary system. Also, software security is important to me, especially when you’re entrusting it with your loved one’s information and personal security…so I feel a little bit better about the open source approach…more eyes potentially identifying flaws, helping with solutions, and (hopefully) demanding they get pushed…again, something you lose to a large degree in a closed platform.

I am operating two basic systems (thermostats, some motion control, presence sensors, and power switch) in two homes, and the tech support is outstanding, but most answers, I have been able to find for myself in these forums. In my lengthy research, the ST hub just seemed to outweigh all the current competition…though this is a growing market, and you will have more and more choices in the coming months. I think ST is out ahead of the pack though, and am very pleased so far with my choice. It is a little research and trial/ error to work out the kinks, but worth it once you discover the automation approaches that work for your family.