Schlage Connect BE479

Went to HD and got one of these in clearance for $59.
Did a lot of reading here and also read all instruction on how to add this lock to ST. For the hell of it i cannot pair it. Reset it to factory, use zwave exception, etc and still. Decided to download the schlage app for IOS, open app and it start looking for a sense lock, my lock is not sense but connect, the lock beeped and flash and ask me for the code behind the lock. I had taken a pic of it just in case. I enter the code and lock was found and firmware updated. HomeKit pop up and said new device found and added it to my fav. I have full control with HomeKit. It’s so weird cause on the box you can see it’s a zwave device and even people here were installing it with ST. Anyway just want you guys to know this and I don’t mind using HomeKit with it.

It is not compatible with SmartThings. It is a Homekit device and uses Bluetooth. It pairs directly with your phone.


Doesn’t say that on the box. As you can see the zwave logo. Also the manual shows how to add it to the nexia hub.

The BE479 is bluetooth only. The box shows a BE469 which is z-wave.

Guess I got the 479 in a 469 box. Don’t mind for that price.

Where is there a Z-Wave logo in that pic?

I meant Wink . Sorry

Thanks. I thought my eyes had suddenly gotten 30% worse.