Wink -> ST - GoControl Motion Sensor Paired But Not Updating

I just got to ST from Wink and all of my devices connect aside from my GoControl Motion Sensors (WAPRIZ-1). I ended up finding what I believe is the Device Handler ( I took the following steps:

  • Create Device Handler in Web
  • Exclude Sensor for Wink
  • Add Sensor to ST (it pairs successfully through Classic autodiscover under the published device handler)

I can see the device in the ST app (both Classic and New) but it does not update the motion/temperature and the device itself does not flash light when it detects motion. I can unpair and repair multiple times and same thing happens. This occurs for both sensors I have. Any thoughts? Any other ways to add these?

Try excluding and pairing again. You may have been affected by this

Thanks, did indeed try that and pairing works for these motion sensors, they just never update for motion, report back temperature, etc.

Interesting. Have you tried using the standard device handler?