Gocontrol wapirz-1 motion sensor won’t pair

i accidentally removed this device and NOW i CANNOT pair it back to my ST HUB V2.

i realized i should have excluded it first but when i now try to exclude it by going to the exclusion process and pressing the pinhole 3 times, i get a prompt that says “UNKNOWN DEVICE HAS BEEN EXCLUDED AND NOW CAN BE PAIRED TO THE NETWORK”. When i try to pair it back i cannot pair it back and ive tried a lot of combination presses of the pinhole i.e. 3 sets of 1-2 secs. on the first 2 sets and 2-3 secs. on the last set (ive read this combo press somewhere here)… 3 succeeding pinhole presses, 10 presses in 10 seconds to pressing the pinhole till my hand got tire and STILL wont pair. :frowning:
ive thought of replacing this with a ZOOZ ZSE40 v2 but im really trying to hold back on adding more ST devices for now as it seems the more i add the more ST has been acting up…

im was using @krlaframboise device handler for this motion sensor

thanks in advance.

Reboot the ST hub. For v2 hub, remove the batteries and power cord, power it back up. Then run z-wave repair.

I’ve never had to use the pinhole before so I’m pretty sure that’s just for factory resetting the device…

I’ve always paired mine like:

  1. Put hub into inclusion mode.
  2. Put battery in device and wait for led to start flashing
  3. Hold the tamper switch for 1 second. (repeat this step after about 10 seconds if it doesn’t find it)
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Still no go… :frowning:

I am having exactly the same problem. WHen I added it back, the blinking red stop blinking (which means it successfully paired with ST Hub). But the app never picked up the device. Still no show after searching for many minutes.

I even tried power cycle ST Hub as well as the sensor’s battery. Many tried later, still no luck.

Exclude the device, remove my handler, and try joining it again…

There is also the known issue where device handlers can become stale preventing users from pairing devices. To fix,open the device handler in IDE and Publish for me. Exclude the device and pair again.