GoControl Motion Sensor, Removed device from hub but can't pair it again

So I removed the WAPIRZ-1 from the smartthings hub, however it won’t pair to the hub again. I forced removed it at first because of a glitch I was having, but now that it is removed from the hub, I can’t exclude the motion sensor. And I have no idea how to factory reset the motion sensor so I can pair it to a hub. All I can get it to do is have the led solid with the cover off. Can someone please help me?!

Press the Tamper switch of WAPIRZ-1 for 1 second and release to be excluded. The
LED light will fl ash continuously when the sensor is in the Exclusion condition.

That didn’t work because the device was already removed from the hub devices. But I found a way around it. What I did is I went to the IDE portal and added a Aeon multipurpose and set the Device Network ID to 07 (Don’t know if it being 07 mattered or not). Then once I added it of course it says it was offline. Then in the app I was able to go into exclude mode with that sensor even though it wasn’t connected to the hub. Then it was able to set the sensor into pairing mode because now it knew it was removed. I appreciate the help though. :grin:

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You can always use a “general exclude” with any zwave device from any zwave hub whether they have ever been previously paired together or not. :sunglasses:

So whenever you are having difficulties pairing any zwave device, that’s usually the first troubleshooting step.