Wink Fan Light controller functional with new app?

I have 2 Wink Fan light controllers that work great with Classic app. I am using the KOF device handlers for these controllers. In the new app I can only control the fan on-off functions, no speed settings and no light functions. When the Classic app defecates, no I mean deprecates I will lose my functionality? Does anyone know if this will be addressed in the new app or are there new device handlers for the new app that I can use? Any help is appreciated.

See this post and the one above it.

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Add me to the list of those anxiously waiting for a DH which will work in the new app. I have 5 of these controllers. This is one of the few devices holding me up from switching completely over to the new app.

I emailed tech support and here is the response.

“ I would like to inform you that the migration all the existing SmartApps routines will be moved from old Classic app to new app. If any of the third party customized SmartApp are not compatible with the new app then that would not be migrated to new app.

SmartThings is trying to integrate most of the old Classic app features to the new platform and few might not be compatible due to latest requirements. However, you can use the Classic app till the app is faded out.

Thank you for your valuable time and patience.

If you have any queries feel free to reach out to us.

Samsung SmartThings Support .”

Update for anyone who finds this thread looking for answers as I did. Here are the updated device handlers.

For more detailed instructions I listed an update on my blog for easier use than sifting through tons of old posts.

This is one of the last device that is keeping me on the old app. Thank you for the new device handler. It works on the new app!