Hampton Bay / King of Fans ceiling fan and light control, new ST app

So Samsung is doing it, and killing off the SmartThings classic app. Everything in my ADT Smartthings installation works, except my Hampton Bay / KOF ceiling fan / light controls.

Is there a method for getting these working again?


Did you find a solution for this?

This device handler seems to be working for me:

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Thanks for the pointer to rafaelborja’s DTH. My KOF ceiling fans are back in operation on the new app.

Sweet. So glad it got you up and running!


Thanks for your help. And no I don’t have it working again yet, but there is a reason. I haven’t switched the DTH over to the new one.

When the migration to the new app was forced, all of my ZigBee stuff, I mean 100% of it went offline, or in a frozen state. I had to remove the devices, and add them all back. Considering the number of ZigBee devices I have, that was a bit of a daunting task. I currently have the KOF fan controllers left to do, and just haven’t made them a huge priority, but will be working on them again soon.

This does beg the question, is there any real difference in applying the DTH from the old app to the new one? Any HOWTOs on that?

I know I need to rip out the old DTH, just not sure if the process is the same for installing the new one.

Just switch them in the IDE. Very easy.

The links I can find to the “new” DTH in github show the last push was published 3 years ago. Is that the right one or is there a DTH that is being actively maintained? Spmething more recent and works with the latest Smartthings app?

Rafael updated his within the past month.

So, somehow my Alexa app got “disconnected” from my account. I reconnected it, and now I can’t turn my fan light on or off. The new app shows a cloud with a line through it. Do I need to rebuild the child device? I don’t recall how to do that.

[EDIT] I see that the dimmer slider controls the light, but how do I get Alexa to recognize the light command?

[EDIT] Nevermind…I’ve decided to go ahead and switch all my HB fans over to Hubitat. Got the first one working already.

So yeah, I replied to the other KOF ST thread, I got the DTH for the new app isntalled and configured, The ST IDE didn’t play nice with the github repo though so I downloaded the source code, extracted it, and created the devices from code, then self published…

A lousy process, but I’ll take what I can get as long as I can control my fans and fan lights again.