HB Fan Light Control VS Smartthings New App

I have 2 Harbor Breese Fan Light controllers and I really like the way they work. The thing is, that I use the KOF device handlers but I don’t get any functionality out of the new ST app. I believe that the Classic app is doing all the work and the New app doesn’t do anything. I have the devices listed in the New app but when pressed they do nothing. The Classic app with automations works very well. Does this mean that when the Classic app is disconnected, that I will have $100.00 worth is controllers that won’t work? I sure hope this is not the case. I may have to switch to Hubitat. I hear they have a lot of users that make things work. Like ST use to have.

I am not familiar with this DTH. Have you contacted the developer? There is also a thread on editing DTHs to get them working in the new app that may or may not help with getting the DTH to work but worth looking at.

Someone just posted about development of a handler that will work in the new app. It doesn’t sound like it’s 100% ready yet.

There’s no indication this will be happening anytime soon.

The original developer @dalec has jumped to Hubitat and is no longer maintaining the code or active in the community.


I just want to add that the fans have On-Off control but the lights don’t work. So thanks for working hard and getting at least limited functionality.

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