Hampton Bay Zigbee Ceiling Fan/Light Controller installation HOWTO

I wanted to document and share my experience installing and configuring the Hampton Bay Zigbee Ceiling Fan/Light Controller to work with my ADT Smartthings. Both for your benefit, but also for me so I can come back and reference this once I get more of these things are do the next ones.

Background. Well it should be obvious since I am doing home automation that I wanted to automate the functions of the fan and light, and I didn’t want to run extra wires, do drywall work, change boxes, repaint etc… to be able to control the ceiling fan and the ceiling fan light.
I could have gone with smart bulbs and just controlled the lights remotely, the fan itself never gets turned off, just speed adjusted. Even in winter all my ceiling fans are run on low to move air around.

I also needed to refresh this fixture, the thing wobbled like crazy due to bent fan blade arms, and the bulbs were on the way out anyway, this fixture had old CFLs in it, and needed to have some LED bulbs swapped in.

As soon as the controller came in from Home Depot, which is this one, https://www.homedepot.com/p/Hampton-Bay-Universal-Wink-Enabled-White-Ceiling-Fan-Premier-Remote-Control-99432/206591100,

Per the video directions, I set the speed of the fan on high, set the light on, turned the light switch off, and went to the panel and threw the breaker for that room.

Before any of the Zigbee work could start, I had to fix a problem I was having with this ceiling fan. At some point something was run into the blades with the fan on high, damaging the blades and blade arms. Not relevant to MOST folks here, but this bit is, I found it easier to install the ZigBee controller if the blades were uninstalled, it allowed much easier access to the canopy.

I grabbed a set of polished brass Westinghouse ceiling fan blade arms https://amzn.to/2YhmRKY,

And the blades used were Westinghouse 52" reversible oak / walnut ceiling fan blades https://amzn.to/2HB10J9

To perform the installation of the ZigBee controller. I left the fan blades / arms off of the fan until the physical installation was done. I know Home Depot said to fully remove the fan, but why? I need the fan close to make the electrical connections after all! I just loosened each bracket screw until I could shimmy the spacer between it, and the ceiling.

For starters, I started with the first post in the thread

Keep this open in a tab on your browser.
Open each of the github links in a new tab.

Open a new tab and following the instructions linked at

gets me most of the way there, but is missing CRITICAL information. Follow the part about using USING A CUSTOM DEVICE TYPE HANDLER get down to the point of
“DT5) Once the Device Handler is published in your own library,” We then go off on a tangent because it’s at this point things go bad. The instructions just aren’t clear enough at least for me.

Now we go into your mobile device and launch the Smartthings classic app.

Perform the physical installation of the device per the directions.
I found the video on Home Depot’s product website to be FAR more informative than the included documentation.

After the breaker is turned back on, and before you turn on the power switch, this would be a good time to put the fan blades / arms back on and tighten them down.

Once installed and the breaker is on, go to the room with the device, if you are more than say 10’ from the hub, make sure you have a working ZigBee repeater in the room with it.

Turn on the light switch controlling the circuit.

Tap the My Home bottom tab.
Tap the Things tab.
Tap + Add a Thing,

Let it search and find, don’t go looking through the suggestions. Mine comes up as a “Buscop SmartPower Outlet V1”.
That’s fine. Change the device name to what you want.
In this case I just put front room fan.

Go back to the IDE.
click on My Devices.

From the Display Name column, find the name of the device you just found and click it.
Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Edit.
Under the Type drop down list, scroll down almost to the bottom to find and select KOF Zigbee Fan Controller, then go to the bottom of the page and click Update.

Close out any Smarthings app, New or Classic, and relaunch your classic app. Your fan and light controls now show up in the Things tab.
Test, all should work well at this point.


1.) In my case I had misread a setting on the remote itself that actually interfered with the function of the controller. There is a switch that has an O and a D setting for dimmin on and off. I thought I had it in the O position but but lights wouldn’t dim. If dimming fails, try switching this to the other side.
2.) During the physical install, I found it tricky at best to stuff the wiring in a manner that would allow me to actually get the canopy back on. I found that if I stuffed the wires above the controller and back into the box, particularly the wire nuts, the canopy was able to be reinstalled, but boy is it a tight fit! And this is an older (at least 20 year old) Hampton Bay fan.

Lastly the installed pics I kept the antenna wire for the remote outside of the canopy for better reception however I really don’t like the look I have to figure something out.

In order to prevent accidentally turning the power off And to provide storage for the remote but I did was I took a strip of clear packing tape and taped the switch in the open position so that there were as few air bubbles physical as possible. I then took Velcro and cut it in 2 pieces, put a piece on the main part of the remote and the other half on the battery cover and stuck it to the switch plate.


The FAQ was originally written in 2015 and somethings have changed since then. But posts in the forum (unlike the community – created wiki) age out after a while and then you can’t edit them anymore. :disappointed_relieved:

If you read all the way through that thread, you will see that in post 27, the instructions for step five were updated. That would probably have cleared up the confusion.

I know that’s annoying, but it happens in some of the older FAQs.

I figured since I got hit with A bit of confusion by that thread that I will go ahead and write an end-to-end installation write up.

Don’t get me wrong it’s a very good thread as most of them here are, it’s just a very long thread. When you are trying to get to the meat of the matter without being only go back in and re edit see your 1st entry the stuff in the middle tends to get lost.

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For those that are unaware, these controllers are reported to work best with a zigbee repeater in close proximity.

The IKEA Tradfri Wireless Control Outlet (smart plug) is reportedly a good one, and is currently on sale for $9.99

I’ve got 5 coming that will cover all spaces nicely and give me bedside lamps Automation…

Never mind, that’s the regular price on these!

Fail moment. So I live in Canada and you aren’t able to buy the Hampton Bay Zigbee Ceiling Fan/Light Controller here so I was able to find someone selling one on eBay for a decent deal. I received it and recently installed it. Issue is I did a dumb move when I was installing the fan casing to the housing I cut off the zigbee (white) antenna by accident. So no pairing to SmartThings. I can’t get it to work at all… to no surprise. Without ordering a new one, anyone have any ideas to “MacGyver” a new zigbee antenna on? I tried crimping the antenna back together but that doesn’t seem to have worked. So maybe another solution would be to open the controller and install a new antenna… if there is such a thing.

Thanks in advance.

You can buy replacement antennas on Amazon. I’m in the states so availability might differ from CA?

I don’t remember exactly what the connector on the board was like but I thought it was something like this.

uxcell FPC Built-in Antenna 5dBi 2400-2500MHz U.FL Female Connector RF1.13 Cable, Compatible with WiFi Bluetooth Zigbee Module 2Pcs https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07ZFF1L2P/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_Zie2DbR528AVP

Question- I’ve had this working for almost 3 years now but I’ve recently heard that Samsung will force everyone to move to their new app this year. This implementation doesn’t work on the new app, does anyone know if someone has got this going on the new Samsung app?

The information needed to modify the DTH for the new app is not available yet from smartthings. As soon as they release the information, more than likely, someone will modify the DTH to work. Until then I guess we will have to be patient.

I think I have my answer - I just installed the parent/2 child apps and am having the same problem. I’m a recent convert from Wink to ST so I have the latest app installed (IOS). I only see a power button to turn on the fan and the 3 on/off/delay sliders but no control over the fan speed/light (at all inclusive of any dimming).
This is b/c of the need to modify the DTH for the new app, correct, not because of my ineptitude?

That’s correct. Until Smartthings releases the information so that the DTH can be updated, you will have to use the classic app if you want manual control of the fan. The speeds and the light can be controlled with automations in the new app, though.

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OCW, thanks. I did install the classic app but now, while I can see the “master bedroom fan”, the only ‘control’ I have is an on/off button that when pressed, does not change the status of the either the light or fan. Still not seeing the child handlers or buttons for the fan speed light, nor that nice interface I’ve seen in this (and other threads).
The fan on the classic app only shows the “fan speeed child”
Edit: Weirdly the DTH changed to the fan speed child. I had to reset it to the KOF parent device.

I would try deleting and recreating the child devices.

Press the gear icon in the top right corner to get to the point to recreate them.

Has anyone figured out how to get this to work with the new SmartThings Hub v3 and App?
I was going to program a solution myself, but the tutorials on the new developer website were less than helpful.