Windows Store ST App not accepting Samsung login

I have a samsung account.
I have smartthings installed on my android phone.
I can use my android phone as a remote, or to view the screen.
I can’t use my phone as a remote and to view the screen at the same time.

I found and purchased this windows app on the microsoft store

The windows app prompts me to login:

I can’t log in using the same Samsung login at

1-Is this app legit?
2-Is there a separate log in for managing smartthings? If so… WTF
3- What is the most up to date info about using smart things on windows 10?

This forum seems developer heavy. I can do some things but I’m not a developer here. Don’t assume I know what you know, or what you may think is obvious.

This is not a Samsung application. If you tried using your Samsung account information on this application, you may want to change your Samsung account password, assuming it was passed to this application through the web. There is a Samsung SmartThings Windows app, but it is alpha (not beta) and very limited on who is testing it right now.

Yeah I just reset my samsung account info and enabled twofactor. Silly me for thinking something in the MS store would have been vetted in some way.

Is there any way to control SmartThings on an x64 Windows 10 system in December of 2020?

I believe you are referring to tHe following and not a windows app…

You can check out the following :slight_smile:

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Thank you for taking the time to reply.

Is it possible to view the remote screen on one device (Win10/Android) and control it with the other device(Win10/Android)?

I ask because I seem to be able to do 1 or the other but not at the same time meaning I can’t navigate the menus and see the screen at the same time.

I’m trying to remotely troubleshoot a bluetooth headset issue for my father who is social distancing.

Do a Google search for an application called TeamViewer im mobile so dont have the exact URL… If i understand your question, it will do what you want.

Edit for clarification - not a smartapp…