Adding second user to smart home appliances?

Just added a new samsung washer and dyer to my smart home app. How do I give my wife access to these appliances from her own mobile? Does she have to have her own Samsung account or do I load the smart home app on her phone and log her in as me?


Just wanted to check something.

This platform is for people who are using the Samsung SmartThings Home automation platform, which includes support for Samsung smart appliances through the “SmartThings ( Samsung connect)” mobile app which was released in 2018. That app was intended to replace several earlier apps, including the “Samsung smart home” app which had previously been used for the smart appliances.

If you are still using the “smart home” app, I’m afraid we won’t be able to help you here. You should get in touch with Samsung appliances support for questions about that one. Although they may just tell you you are supposed to upgrade to the new “smartthings ( Samsung connect)” app.

Old app:

New app:

If you are using the new app, then the link given above in post 2 should help.

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I have the smartthings app and a smartthings hub. I thought i also needed the appliance app. Originally i downloaded the samsung smart washer app then realized it was too old for my new appliances. The instructions with the washer and dryer said i needed the smart home app. So i ditched smart washer and downloaded smart home. I’ve been trying to use smart home in conjunction with smartthings.
So to be clear, you’re saying i only need one app, the smartthings app, correct?