Windows phone / Windows 8 app?

(Shy) #1

Would love to see these… any thoughts or updates?

(Gabriele Nizzoli) #2

Yup, would love to see them!
OR, please make available a public api to allow devs to write an app

(Eric Jilot) #3

Add my support for this request.

(Robert Brewer) #4

I would also like to see a W8P app. If I had an API I would gladly develop the app myself.

(Bill Long) #5

It would be great to see a universal Windows app so I could use this on my tablet and my phone.

(Darren) #6

I too would like to see a windows phone app, switching from an samsung S4 to nokia 1020 I am missing my smartthings :frowning:

(Aaron Arnold) #7

+1 for me as well. Wish Windows Phone apps would get some love from all these companies.


It’s being worked on. Hang in there guys.

(Shy) #9

Very, very happy to hear this news!

(Chad Wach) #10

Great news, makes my decision much easier!

(Alex Semi) #11

So where is it? That’s the only one I got, received my device and realized that I can’t set it up with browser / windows phone.

(Pete) #12

The decision to purchase the SmartThings system for my house would have been a lot easier if there was a Windows Phone app available. I bought an Android tablet just for SmartThings. I am glad to hear it is in development and I hope you guys are working hard on it!

(Philip) #13


How about a mobile site for other mobile devices?

(JasonR) #14

+1 Even basic Windows Phone functionality would go a very long way for me…

(Kyle LeNeau) #15

Yep, like Tyler mentioned above. A Windows Phone app is on the way very soon.

(Shy) #16

Not to be too nosy, but can you quantify “very soon”? :smile:

Weeks? Days? Months? :smile:

(Kyle LeNeau) #17

We’re probably in the Weeks/Days range from having a private/hidden app in the phone store. We’ve been working on it over the past few months. The app is targeted to run on Windows Phone 8.1 to facilitate the universal application model going forward (i.e. Tablet and Metro interfaces).

(Chad Wach) #18

Will access information to the private app be posted once available or is there some process we need to follow to request access?

(Shy) #19

This is awesome news, especially in light of Windows 10 actually being exciting looking :smile:

(Kyle LeNeau) #20

Marketing has a list of emails that responded to our survey awhile back about a windows client application. I will make sure that support and marketing see this thread.