Windows Phone - when will new app be available?

I didn’t see this question asked before…when can we Windows Phone users expect a new version of the app, to match the latest iOS and Android release? I bought a couple of Lightify bulbs and am unable to set the color temperature in the current app. I am hoping that SmartThings is not intending to drop support of Windows Phone, as that is one of the main reasons I went the SmartThings route.


Consider yourself lucky.
The new version lost some of my devices, renamed others, lost my icon images and eliminated the one feature I used the most (“things”) Maybe by the time they get to windows, they’ll have some of this ironed out.

Same here - Windows Phone support is why we got ST (both my wife and i have Windows Phones)
I know i saw that WP support was announced as coming in the future…but I’d love to know how far out that is.


I also went with SmartThings because of the Windows Phone App. Thinking of updating my hub but not if they intend to discontinue support for Windows Phone.


Looks like they’re still showing WP some love… today’s update appears to have added Cortana support for what was previously called Hello Home and is now called Routines in the iOS and Android apps.

They also apparently added a Hub status live tile (haven’t noticed it yet)… but personally I’d rather just see the ability to pin specific Hello Home phrases.


Though that being said, I’m having some trouble with the Cortana support.

If I say “SmartThings Hello Home say Goodnight” (one of the suggested ways to say it), it triggers, responds “Performing Goodnight for you at Home”.

If I say “SmartThings say Goodnight” (the other suggestion), it triggers and responds “Trying to perform ‘Goodnight’ for you”.

After either of these, it launches the SmartThings app, shows the splash screen and then the loading circle… then the app crashes and I don’t see anything in my live logging about it. This is on a Lumia 1020 running WP8.1.

Also curious/looking towards support for this. I loaded the SmartThings app APK onto my Lumia 930 and it performed amazingly, save for services dependent on Google APIs such as GPS/Maps. Honestly, I would like to see a universal app that way they can support HoloLens, Xbox One, Windows 10 Mobile, and Windows 10. The incentive is there and I wonder if SmartThings will take advantage of it. :wink:

P.S. If you (SmartThings) need beta testers for your Windows Phone or Windows 10 (fingers crossed) app, I would be more than happy to participated and provide feedback. :slight_smile:


Thank you for the info–I didn’t realize there was a new release! It doesn’t seem much different though. I still am unable to set the color temperature for the Lightify bulb. But glad to see they are still working on the Windows Phone!

I’m having trouble invoking any action from the ST Windows Phone App with the latest version ( After I tap on an action from the Hello Home page, the ST app waits a few seconds and then closes, no matter which action I’ve tapped. The same actions work for me on an Android tablet.

Are others able to invoke actions?

I have Windows Phone 8.1 running on a Lumia 925

I’d like to see the ability to pin specific devices as well. Loading up the app every time I want to activate a device is cumbersome. If I could just turn my lights off from the Start page I’d be happy.


On my Lumia 1020, it took me 17 seconds to navigate as quickly as I could to a light to turn it on. The app is just WAY too slow, and each page load (even on back navigation) takes forever to load.
I’d also like to see pinning support so I can go straight to a device, and see it’s current status in the live tile, and also being able to put a few favorite devices on the very front page. The fact that the front page is called “Dashboard” is hilarious, since it’s not a dashboard but a main menu with a list of menu items. I have to go to the ‘things’ page to actually see a dashboard - and again I now see all my devices, and not just my favorites that I usually use every day. Add to that, that you can’t tell one switch/bulb from the other since there’s no label on them, and when trying to set the icon it crashes the app.

Also I second the Universal App support for a much better idea: I’ll load it onto my Raspberry PI so it would act as an in-home dashboard.

Perhaps it would be better to split the smart things app into two: One for administering, setting up rules, join devices etc (basically the one you have now), and another one specially dedicated to controlling devices that’s focused on ease of use, and quick to do common things - ie the app my wife would be using solely, and my main app for use, and the administration app for the rare time you need to set things up.


I’m also eagerly waiting for the Windows Phone app to be brought up to par. I just got my pre-ordered V2 hub and the app has got some serious problems. It also has no support for “Rooms” which seem to be a new addition in the iOS/Android versions – that’s also how you’re supposed to setup a garage door “correctly.”

Anyway, if anyone from ST is reading this, can you comment and let us know if/when the Windows Phone users are going to get some love? :smile:


Yes please, let us know the plans (if any).

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Yeah, the dashboard isn’t a dashboard and pinning individual devices to the start screen would be nice.

To be honest, neither the WP app or the Android App are any good for one-off control of individual lights etc. I guess the approach is Home Automation, meaning its done automatically based on current conditions, and not “here is a light-switch on my phone”.

In the meantime, the workaround is
You can make tiles for all your devices, even Hello Home states. It runs in any browser and I have it pretty much always-on my phone, tablet & PC for quick access to lights, aircon, locks and even live video feed (except on my phone).

Smarttiles presents a simple and easy-to-use interface that even my mother can operate without problems. It’s become the main control panel for the house on a wall-mounted tablet, and its easy to override the automated commands (for instance if I want the lights on early or the aircon off). One button click to turn off lights, aircon, lock the door and set alarm when I go to bed etc.

I guess Smarttiles has become so popular precisely because Smartthings app is so poor at manual control!

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Please can you provide an update on the Windows 10 / Windows 10 Mobile app?

I am very much missing the extra functionality, and I haven’t even used an Android or iOS device.


Where did you find the recommended phrases? Cortana doesn’t want to trigger Smartthings for me at all, just wants to search Bing…

On 8.1, if you open Cortana and press the microphone button, it should a general suggestion that is followed by a “see more” button. Tapping on the “See More” shows you all of the apps that you have installed that support Cortana, and it’ll give you an example for each.

In 10, you have to search for “What can I say” and it should show you the same screen.

In 8.1 “Help” Will give you the actions as well with Cortana. As far as a Beta Tester. Yea lets go. I would be even willing to help code the app. I got nothing better to do!
I have seen the Live tile one time. it said something about my hub. Most of the time the Tile is a empty black tile though. Its really a bummer the windows phone is so far behind. I also agree a universal Windows 10 app would be killer! A Xbox One App? YES PLEASE!
Who is are main developer in Windows anyways?

Any updates on when the Windows Mobile app will be updated? I installed V2 and set up with my Android tablet. Unfortunately, this makes the Windows mobile app almost unusable due to the difference in how devices are displayed in the two apps.

Would really like an update on the Windows Phone app. After getting my V2 Hub and updating everything I have had to rely on my Android tablet like @MadFoodScientist . This makes it really inconvenient to do anything SmartThings related. Even a semi working beta would be better than what I currently have to go through. Anybody?


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