Looking forward to a Windows 8 Client

(Jim) #1

I know the initial client is on iOS.  That said, I’m hoping, either by coding it with the community or on the SmartThings team side that we build a Windows 8 store client (or a Windows Phone client).

Will the SDK have enough tools that someone else could build a client?  Or just build scripts on the existing IOS client?


(Andrew Urman) #2

Between the SDK and API, I’m sure an a client could be built by the community. A Windows Phone app is in discussion right now, but a mobile structured web UI is also planned.

A community built Metro UI for Windows 8 would be awesome to see!

(Jit Jack) #3

Is there an update on the Windows Phone app. I am loving my ST system but wish I could use it from my WP8 phone, not my wife’s iPod?

(Tk) #4

That or any news on the SDKs and APIs?

(Jim) #5

I haven’t heard anything yet, but I keep hoping.

(Pascal Walschots) #6

A Windows Phone app would be an awesome addition. Any update on the progress?

(Douglas) #7

I’ve been considering either the Revolv or the Smartthings hub, but since my wife and I both have Windows phones, it’s going to come down to which product supports the OS first… Any news to help with that decision?

(Dave) #8

Windows 8 and WP8 can use the same base code now that 8.1 is available for both. The only thing that needs to be different is the UI, which only needs to be tweaked, and the use of the radios. Anyone working on this platform apps?

(Shy) #9

Bump to also hear about this – extremely interested in the Windows platform apps.

(Eric Jilot) #10

I am realy interested in an app for these platforms. I hate that I had to buy an Android device to use my SmartThings hub. Thanks to EBay at least I did not have to spend a lot on a device I won’t use that much.