Windows Phone App Issues. For the Devs

I’m just creating this post for the guys who are working on it. I wanted to point out a few issues and features i notice that are not working or just not there.

  1. When you hit “Done” after re-naming a Mobile phone in things it will say “An unexpected error occurred”
  2. When setting up a new device in things it would crash the app. I ended up using a iphone to add the device(No issues when using iphone app)
  3. Usually i have to launch the app twice. First time usually fails and crashes.

Ill update this as i run into problems

Hey Doug,

If you haven’t already, can you shoot a quick note to with your username, and the time the error/crash occurred? Our Windows team would like to take a look.

If you have emailed in already my apologies, we’ll get to it soon but we’re dealing with a bit of a backlog with CES going on.


Yeah, i can imagine. Ill shoot them a email. I have 3 WP phones so I am trying to make sure it is a app issue vs a phone issue.

I also reliably see #issue 3 on my Windows Phone. Every time, it takes 2 or 3 launches before the ST app successfully loads.

I’m also seeing a few other bugs and gaps with the Windows Phone app. It sounds like I should pass these along to ST support via email.

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I have multiple Windows Phones as well and an experience several challenges. Will provide via email to support.